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The Résumé / CV

A résumé should be concise, persuasive, and extremely well-written.  There is no "best" résumé format.Use what works best for your situation and the position you are applying to.

In Canada, the main difference between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a résumé is that a CV is usually only used for academic positions or when applying to some professional and graduate programs. As well, international employers may use the term CV and résumé interchangeably. If you are applying for international jobs, research expectations for CVs and résumés for specific countries. A résumé is used for seeking employment in most other fields.

The Cover Letter

The Interview

The most important thing you can do before an interview is prepare.

Prepare by:  

  • researching the company and reviewing the job posting
  • thinking about your skills, experiences, and knowledge and how they relate to the position; think about examples of when you have demonstrated these and how you can use the examples to answer questions

This will help you to anticipate some of the possible interview questions and be ready with relevant examples and demonstrations of your skills.  Being prepared will also help to deal with nervousness.

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