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A group of students in business suits sitting at a round table in front of their laptops looking at their screens, except for one who is smiling at the camera

School of Business

School of Business

Niigaaniiwin – The Art of Leading

Program Coordinator
Professor David Newhouse, (Onondaga). M.B.A. (Western), B.Sc.
Email: dnewhouse@trentu.ca

The Specialization in Niigaaniiwin – The Art of Leading is available to students in the Bachelor of Business Administration program.

The transcripts of students graduating with an Honours degree in Business Administration who have successfully completed the requirements of the Specialization will contain the notation “with a Specialization in Niigaaniiwin – The Art of Leading.”

The" Niigaaniiwin – The Art of Leading" Specialization brings together two knowledge systems– Western business practices and Indigenous ways of knowing and working – with a view to developing students’ ability to work skilfully in the 21st-century business environment.

Specialization requirements include the following 3.5 credits with a minimum grade of 65% in each:

  • 1.0 INDG credits consisting of INDG 1001H, and INDG 1002H (or  INDG 1000Y)
  • 2.5 credits from: INDG-IESS 1001H, INDG-ADMN 1500H, INDG-ADMN 1510H, INDG 2001H, INDG 2002H, INDG 2100Y, INDG-ERST-IESS 2601Y, INDG-2800Y, INDG-ADMN 3040H, INDG-IDST 3050H, INDG-GEOG 3202H, INDG-3402H, INDG 3501H, INDG-ERST-IESS 3631H, INDG-ERST-IESS 3632H, INDG-ADMN 4500H