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A group of students standing side by side agaist a brick wall covered in green ivy in the summer shade, wearing business suits

School of Business

School of Business

Undergraduate Programs

All of the advantages of a traditional B.B.A. and more

At Trent, we recognize the integral role innovative and creative thinking plays in the world of business. That's why our popular Business School offers undergraduate students all the advantages of a traditional Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and more.

Trent’s B.B.A. focuses on economics, management and entrepreneurship with a full slate of accounting courses that prepare you for the CPA designation or as a launch pad to an M.B.A, graduate school, advanced degrees in Finance, Marketing, HR and Accounting or CPA and CHRP designations.We are also the only university in Canada to offer a wide range of joint majors in Business Administration, allowing you to combine business courses with other areas of interest – from Media Studies to Environmental Studies and everything in between. The Trent advantage allows you to combine your passions and interests and cross boundaries, no matter which program or major you are interested in.


  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) – focus on economics, management and entrepreneurship
  2. Business and Arts B.A. – combine business courses with any arts courses from English and Cultural Studies to Sociology and Economics
  3. Business and Science B.Sc. – combine business courses with any science courses from Biology and Psychology to Environmental & Resource Science and Forensic Science
  4. B.B.A. with Specialization – choose from Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing and Consumer Culture, Human Resource Management, Niigaaniiwin: The Art of Leading, Economics, Ethics and Sustainability, or Information Systems and E-Commerce
  5. Business Administration Minor – combine business as a minor with literally any other Arts or Science major – if you can imagine it, you can do it in business at Trent
  6. Bachelor of Arts Honours degree or Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Trent University, and a Law degree from Swansea University College of Law in the UK,

No matter how the journey unfolds, students in our programs develop the versatile candidates that today’s companies demand. The School of Business provides, customized, high-calibre learning with the individual student front and centre.

Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR)

All undergraduate students beginning studies at Trent in the Fall 2018 term or thereafter must complete at least 0.5 credit from the Approved Indigenous Course List as part of their university degree requirements. Individual courses that meet this requirement are designated by (ICR) after the title of the course.