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School of Business

School of Business

Specialization in Human Resource Management

Acting Program Coordinator:

Amina Malik, PhD (York), MBA (Ryerson), MS (Punjab University, Pakistan)
Associate Professor
Email: aminamalik@trentu.ca 

The Specialization in Human Resource Management (involving 5.5 Trent credits) is available to students in the B.B.A. Program or the joint major Honours B.A. and B.Sc. programs in Business Administration.

The transcripts of students graduating with an Honours degree who have successfully completed the requirements of the Specialization will contain the notation "with a Specialization in Human Resource Management."

Upon successful completion of the courses associated with the Specialization, students will have satisfied all of the course requirements for the "Certified Human Resources Professional Designation" and be eligible to write the National Knowledge Exam.   By Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) standards, successful completion is a minimum grade of 65% in each course and an overall average of 70% of all required courses.  In order to take the National Knowledge Exam, students must be enrolled as a member of the Human Resources Professional Association which involves a monetary fee to the Association.

The "Certified Human Resources Professional Designation" is a legislated certification for Human Resources Professionals in North America.   Currently, the HRPA requires the completion of nine subject areas and Trent now offers all of these within the 5.5 required credits of the HRM specialization.

Course Requirements for a Specialization in Human Resources Management:

  • ADMN 1021h Financial Accounting I
  • ADMN 2021h Financial Accounting II (or 102)
  • ADMN 2220h Organizational Behaviour
  • ADMN 2230h Human Resource Management
  • ADMN 3021H Managerial Accounting
  • ADMN 3220h Organization Selection in the Canadian Workplace
  • ADMN 3230h Leadership, Training, and Development
  • ADMN 3260h Perspectives on Occupational Health and Safety
  • ADMN 3270h Human Resource Planning
  • ADMN 3280h Motivation and Compensation Systems
  • ECON 3500h Economics of Industrial Relations