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School of Business

School of Business

Specialization in Ethics and Sustainability

Program Coordinator:
Professor Sheldene Simola

The Specialization in Ethics and Sustainability (involving a total of 3.5 credits) is available to students in the B.B.A. Program.

The transcripts of students graduating with an Honours degree who have successfully completed the requirements of the Specialization will contain the notation "with a Specialization in Ethics and Sustainability."

Course Requirements for a Specialization in Ethics and Sustainability:

  • ADMN 4250H  Business Ethics and Corporations
  • ADMN 4260H Ethics and Capitalism
  • ADMN 4450H  Sustainability

Plus one (1.0) credit from this list:

  • PHIL 1100H Introduction to Philosophy: Moral and Political
  • PHIL 2110H Moral Issues
  • PHIL 2390H  Biomedical Ethics
  • PHIL 3110H Classics in Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 3120H Contemporary Ethical Theory
  • PHIL-POST 3140H Justice and Rights
  • PHIL-POST 3180H Social and Political Philosophy
  • ERST-PHIL 3300Y Environmental Ethics*
  • PHIL-COIS 3370H Cyberethics
  • PHIL 4310H Advanced Topics in Value Theory

Plus another one (1.0) credit from this list:

  • ERST-POST 2100H Environmental Science and Politics
  • ERST-CAST-POST 3120H Canadian Environmental Policy
  • ERST 3130H Sustainable Innovation
  • ERSC 3160H Community-based Natural Resource Management
  • ERST 3250H Introductional to Environmental Law
  • ERST-PHIL 3300Y Environmental Ethics*
  • ERST-PHIL 4700Y Senior Seminar in Environmental Philosophy
  • ERSC/ERST 4801H Greening the Campus: Restoring and Sustaining Green Infrastructure
  • HIST-ERST 3756H The Environmental Crisis: From the Atomic Bomb to Global Warming
  • INDG-ERSC 4730Y Sustainable Indigenous Communities

*Note: ERST-PHIL 3300Y may only count towards one list