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A group of students in business suits sitting at a round table in front of their laptops looking at their screens, except for one who is smiling at the camera

School of Business

School of Business

Academic Advising

Students looking for specific advising about BBA degree options, Specializations, university regulations and academic petitions are encouraged to book an appointment with Deb Earle, Academic Advisor, School of Business at deborahearle@trentu.ca, or to stop by her office at GCS 356, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

First Year Business Administration students:

Required for BBA or ADMN Joint Major: ADMN 1000H, ADMN 1021H, ECON 1010H, and ECON 1020H

The rest of your course selection is flexible and consists of elective credits. Consider taking the required introductory courses in a few programs that you find interesting to open multiple pathways for the future.

For those considering a Specialization in Accounting or Finance or in the joint Trent Swansea program, you will want to enroll in both ADMN 1000H and ADMN 1021H in the Fall term and ADMN 2010H and ADMN 2021H in the Winter term of first year.  This will then leave space in the upper years to timetable the appropriate courses.  

Upper year Business Administration students:

Successful course planning includes looking at the requirements for your major as well as your degree.  Upper year students are encouraged to plan out years 2, 3 and 4 as some courses are only offered alternate years or alternate terms. 

Please review our School of Business Advising Sheet or our AODA Compliant Advising Sheet