Board of Governors
Strategic Directions

A Message from the Chair of Trent's Board of Governors

Over the last year, the Trent University Board of Governors held in-depth conversations about the future of Trent University and contemplated how to strongly position the University for an increasingly complex future. As a result, the Board has approved the 2022 – 26/27 Board Strategic Directions,

We are proud of our Trent – an academic environment that is caring, personal and interconnected, as it pursues excellence in scholarship, teaching and research.

With these strengths in mind, the Board has outlined Strategic Directions under three themes that strengthen diversity and social, environmental and governance responsibilities; enhance the vibrancy of our campuses in Peterborough and Durham Greater Toronto Area; and ensure a financial future for Trent that is healthy and sustainable.

We encourage the entire Trent community to get involved, as we continue to ensure a strong and sustainable future for this great institution.

Debra Cooper Burger
Chair of Trent's Board of Governors


A Note from the president of Trent University

I am pleased to join our chair in sharing with our community the Strategic Directions developed by Trent University’s Board of Governors for 2022 – 26/27. This document gives shape to our future plans and supports the energy and vibrancy of our campuses in Peterborough and Durham Greater Toronto Area, as well as online.

I look forward to working with our faculty, staff, students, alumni and our communities to activate these directions. Together, we continue to foster an environment that supports student success, scholarship, and achieves our vision for a strong and sustainable future.

Leo Groarke, Ph.D.
President & Vice-Chancellor

Theme 1

Trent University is committed to academic
achievement and scholarship, and to the
pursuit of it in a way that is committed to
diversity, social, environmental, and
governance responsibilities.


Theme 2

Trent University will continue to develop and
maintain vibrant campuses that
reflect the friendly, caring,
personal and interconnected
culture of Trent.


Theme 3

Trent University will ensure
that it is financially healthy
and sustainable.