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The Biomaterials Research group posing for a photo.


Research Associates

Dr. Laziz Bouzidi, Research Associate

Image of Dr. Laziz Bouzidi

Kabylie, Algeria
BSc. (Physics), Universite de Setif, Algeria
MSc. (Condensed Matter Physics), Université de Sétif and Université Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg - ULP, France
Ph.D. (Condensed Matter Physics), Doctorat d'Etat Université de Sétif and Université Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg - ULP, France

Dr. Bouzidi’s research is targeted at the design of new materials architectures and new concepts relating to biomaterials. He is interested in the relationship between the structure of the materials at atomic or molecular scales and their properties, all with an eye towards real-world applications.

He expects the biomaterials research program to develop effective, affordable and safe products that would improve the quality of life of a large number of people, and help achieve sustainability.

For Dr. Laziz Bouzidi, it’s heartening to see the research strengths of the biomaterials team grow into a diverse skilled workforce and an international reputation.

Dr. Shaojun Li, Research Associate

Zibo, ChinaImage of Dr. Shaojun Li
B.Sc. Qingdao University of Science and Technology. (China)
M.Sc. Qingdao University of Science and Technology (China)
Ph.D. Institute of Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

How far would Dr. Shaojun Li go to work with his mentor, Dr. Narine? At least 3,000 kilometres, and counting.

Knowing that working with a talented professor and colleagues in a well-organized term makes life more peaceful and joyful, after two years with Dr. Narine in Edmonton; Dr. Li couldn’t help but pack his bags and make the move with Dr. Narine to the new Centre in Peterborough.

Along with his wife and their two young girls, Dr. Li has lived in Canada for just over four years, first in Montreal, and then Edmonton, pursuing work in organic chemistry and materials science.

Deeply affected by seeing images of parts of India and Africa covered with man-made waste, waters becoming dark, and the air fouled, Dr. Li is motivated by the potential for renewable biomaterials to help curb the rising tide of human-made pollution.

Dr. Li takes great enjoyment in the diversity within the biomaterials team, and in being surrounded by people who are always ready to give a helping hand. For Dr. Li, it’s exciting how effective and productive work in a team like this can be.

When not busy at home with his young family, Dr. Li enjoys watching soccer, cycling and running. In university, he was a dashing young man – competing in 5,000m and 10,000m races.