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Getting Involved Leads to Successful Radio Show for Trent Students

Meet a Trent Student: Brazil Gaffney-Knox, Biology and Philosophy

“I really like the story of Trent Radio. They’re just so committed to involving anyone from the community and empowering them to do any kind of radio they want,” explains second-year Biology and Philosophy student Brazil Gaffney Knox. “This motto really falls in line with what I’ve experienced at Trent so far – everyone I’ve met is willing to give you the tools to do what you want to do if you have the drive.”

Having no radio producing experience didn’t intimidate Ms. Gaffney-Knox when it came to starting her own radio show. Her and co-host, Katja Drost, took the leap, producing and launching their show, Untrained Ears, on Trent Radio. The show highlights experimental music that the duo analyzes with ‘untrained ears’.

“I’m really interested in sound and music as a form of conceptual art because it’s not something I’m familiar with at all,” explains Ms. Gaffney-Knox. “I’m familiar with lots of different kinds of conceptual art, and I think it’s kind of fun to be completely untrained and just learning and not feeling self-conscious.”

“Being involved here at Trent has really made it a wonderful place for me to be,” continues Ms. Gaffney-Knox. “There are so many clubs and groups and activities to be apart of here that really enhance the student experience, and have given me the opportunity to meet new people and find my community within the greater Trent community.”

Trent University prides itself on providing an outstanding personal and interactive learning environment. This story is part of the #MeetaTrentStudent series, which highlights our many student success stories and the numerous dynamic programs offered at Trent.

Posted on November 27, 2017