Photo Gallery

October 1, 2018

New furniture ready and awaiting its final placement

New furniture for library

New tables and chairs

Books now fill the many rows of shelving

Stacks now filled with books

Work on the upper floors nearing completion

View from the upper floors

Computing with a view at new workstations on the main floor

New computer stations

Small instructional space on the upper floor

New student space

More of the new colour palette that now adorns the library

New blue wall


August 20, 2018

During an early visit to the site, Paul Merrick, the lead architect who worked with master architect Ron Thom on Bata Library said the work was “dazzling” and expected the new library to be even more spectacular than when it originally opened. 

Several founders of Trent visit the site

A beautiful view looking skyward through the refinished stair to the newly restored skylight

Looking up below stairs to rebuilt skylight

A closer look at the signature rooftop skylight

Closeup of skylight

Beautiful wood on the underside of stairs previously hidden under carpet was exposed and stained

Beautiful wood exposed on the underside of stairs

Each ceiling panel was carefully removed and restored to its original beauty

Roof panels ready to be installed

The refinished ceiling is accentuated with new, energy efficient LED lighting throughout the library

New LED lighting and refinished ceiling

Heritage wood features were renewed or relocated to preserve as many sections as possible

Main floor with relocated heritage wood features

The new living wall is in place and ready to be planted

Living wall ready to accept plants

After being shortened to accommodate new sprinklers, bookshelves are ready to receive books again

Shelving is back and ready for books

Books are starting to return from storage to be restocked by library staff

Books have arrived

New furniture was carefully selected to complement the classic Ron Thom style 

New furniture on main floor

Colour palettes were also deliberate to match to building's heritage

New chairs

New computer workstations on the main floor overlooking the river

New computer stations

New meetings spaces will provide more opportunities for students to collaborate

New student meeting rooms

The central staircase acts as a gateway to explore new study spaces and research centres

Main atrium from above

Breathtaking views of the river remain a constant throughout the library

View of the river looking north east

Newly installed trellises have the library looking as good on the outside as it will on the inside

Underside of new trellises

October 26, 2018

Bata Library Living Wall

Bata Library Study Space

Tables and chairs at Bata Library

Refurbished Ron Thom Table and Chairs

Group Study Room