Camp Programs

Excalibur Camp is an excellent environment for children to learn about teamwork, fair play and to grow as individuals

Camp programs are offered in four, two-week sessions during July and August. 

Please note: Campers must be minimum age by December 31st, 2018


Available sessions: A, B, C, D

Mini Excalibur operates as both a half (AM 8:45 – 12:00 noon/PM 12:00 noon – 4:15) and full day program (from 8:45 am to 4:15 pm) Monday to Friday.  The program provides young campers (4, 5 & 6 years, upper preschool, starting SK or grade 1 in the fall) with an introduction to basic sport skills (throwing, catching, and coordination, kicking, running). All Mini Excalibur activities are designed to be fun, active, and non-competitive wherever possible. The program is a combination of basic sport instruction with traditional field games and recreational activities.

Mini Excalibur campers also participate in activities meant to foster healthy group interaction: cooperation, respect for others, teamwork, sportsmanship, taking turns, sharing, explore a wide range of camp and outdoor activities, and encourage creativity through storytelling, story making, and drawing. A field trip and special guests will take place each session.


Available sessions: A, B, C, D

We know that today’s children face a myriad of obstacles to getting active and developing physical literacy. From obsession with smartphones and video games, to increasing confinement in urban spaces, children today are facing challenges that most of their parents never had to confront. This camp is a multi-sport approach that allows children to explore physical activity, kid’s sport and activity. Campers are introduced to and build on fundamental sport and movement skills as identified in the Canadian Sport for Life model in this fast-paced camp.

FUNdamentals    ages 6 to 9 for boys and 6 to 8 for girls as of December 31st. Participate in a variety of well-structured activities that develop fundamental movement skills and overall motor skills including agility, balance, and coordination. Activities and programs will maintain a focus on fun, and formal competition should be only minimally introduced.

Learn to Train       ages 8 to 11 for girls and 9 to 12 for boys, as of December 31st or until the onset of the growth spurt. The emphasis on acquiring a wide range of skills necessary for a number of sporting activities. Multisport focus on physical, technical, and tactical development and decreasing the likelihood of injury and burnout

Train to Train        ages 11 to 15 for girls and 12 to 16 for boys as of December 31st. This program will provide sessions that establish an aerobic base, develop speed and strength, and further consolidate their basic sport-specific skills and tactics. Emphasis will be on skill training and physical development (process vs. outcome) with strong focus on injury prevention.


Available sessions: A, B, C, D

The Integrated Arts Camp is a 9/10 day, fully immersive Arts enrichment opportunity for campers who want to exploring the arts while immersed in the natural surroundings of Trent.  This camp is open to individuals 7- 14 years as of December 31st (based on number group may be divided into Junior and Senior activities). This program infuses visual, dramatic and movement art in a full day program that allow campers to focus on; Drama, Vocal, Dance and Arts and Crafts. This group will work together to create a final project or performance to be shared during our Parent BBQ.


Available sessions: A, B, C, D

This program focuses on the activities of our nature programs. The days are spent together as a group, with a focus on outdoor pursuits and team building games. A variety of activities, including hiking, canoeing, and environmental education are offered to emphasize our interaction with nature. The program is open to campers ages 7 - 12 years of age. Older campers (13-14 years) will participate in a canoe/camping adventure that they plan as part of our adventurers leadership group, participate in a wide range of outdoor activities that provide opportunities for campers to develop their potential as leaders (leaders of themselves and of the team). 

Rangers 7 - 12 years as of December 31st.

Based on number of registrants, this group may be divided into Junior and Senior activities.



Older Campers may choose to participate in our evening or overnight program.

EQUIPMENT: campers will need a backpack for trips and excursions

REQUIREMENTS: campers need to be skilled swimmers in deep water.


Available sessions: A, B, C, D

Do you have a spirit of experimenting and evaluating information objectively, of wanting to understand our world a little bit more? Than Science Camp may be for you! Open to children 7- 14 years as of December 31st (based on number group may be divided into Junior and Senior activities), this program offers the opportunity to touch, see, hear, smell and taste what science is really all about. This hands-on approach not only teaches children about the wonderful world of science, but it also gets them excited about applying scientific concepts to real-life situations.

We use simple, real world science techniques that allow even the youngest of campers to enjoy our learning environment. As a result, children will leave the camps with an expanded knowledge and a deeper passion for science and all of its components.

Our campers create, build and assemble a variety of take-home projects while exploring how science affects the world around us, and they have so much fun doing so that they forget that they are actually learning! Mad Science includes topics in: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Ecology, Kinesiology and Forensics.



Leadership programs are available to campers beginning in grades 8, 9, or 10 in the fall (13+ years of age) and lead into the Leadership in Training and Counsellor in Training programs. In these Programs, campers and staff participate in a wide range of outdoor activities which they have scheduled themselves at the beginning of the session, plus outdoor activities that provide opportunities for campers to develop their potential as leaders (leaders of themselves and of the team).  The Leadership program operates within an environment of challenge by choice and respect for each other’s choices.


Available sessions: A, B, C, D

Full day program, youth 13 - 14 years, Adventurers and explorers have been combined into one program, which focuses on team building and personal leadership through a variety of activities. Campers will participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, and intramural games. Campers plan and participate in a two-night camping trip.



Runs July 8 - July 26 2019

The LIT 3-week program provides our senior campers (youth 15 - 16 years) with an introduction to leading and teaching, while spending time with other youth in a fun and positive environment. LIT's take part in skill sessions, group discussions, a 3-day backpacking trip, and all-camp events to explore and analyze leadership styles and skills. **All LIT applicants must submit a resume and complete an interview process before registering.

Click here for more information on LIT



Runs August 6th  - August 23rd 2019

Our CIT 3-week program provides, (youth 16-17 years) aspiring camp counsellors with an intensive and challenging experience that will help prepare them to be a camp leader. CIT's will participate in hands-on planning, leading and evaluating activities and learn counsellor specific skills like behaviour management techniques, supervision, large group leadership and team building activities. CIT's will take part in a 4-day canoe trip, a mock interview with the Camp Director and an extensive shadow placement with an experienced counsellor. ** All CIT applicants must submit a resume and complete an interview process before registering.



We strive to accommodate a variety of interests, needs, and abilities at camp. However, our physical layout, activities, and staffing levels may limit our ability to meet a child’s special needs. In addition, our age restrictions are in place to ensure that campers have abilities, endurance, and attention spans appropriate to our camp activities and schedule. We recognize that every child is unique, and are willing to discuss any special considerations on an individual basis in order to determine if our camp is appropriate for your child.


Optional Evening or Overnight Program

The overnight program is a highlight of the second week of camp and is open to campers (10 + years of age) in Multisport, Integrated Arts, Outdoor Education, and Science Camps. INDIVIDUALS REGISTERED IN THE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PROGRAM. Campers have the chance to spend an evening with us for dinner, outdoor camp-wide games, and a bonfire program*. The program operates until 8:00 pm. In addition to the activities of the evening program, campers enjoy a bonfire* and sleep overnight in tents. Breakfast and lunch are included the next day. Space in the overnight program is limited, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Both programs take place during the second week of each session. *Weather permitting.


Drop off, Pick up and Extended Care

All campers can be dropped off for the day after 8:30 am. Campers must be picked up by 4:30 pm. Please be sure to talk with your camper’s counsellor at both drop off and pick up times. Campers who arrive early or are picked up late, will be signed into our extended care program and regular fees will apply.

If you require extended care outside of our regular program hours, please indicate this on your registration form. Extended care AM is available from 7:45 am. Extended care PM is available until 5:30 pm. Please respect our 5:30 pm closing time. For pick ups after 5:30 pm a late fee of $5 per 5 minutes will be charged. Please see Fees below:



Price Per Child

Morning (AM)

10 Days $45.00
  9 Days $40.50
  5 Days $22.50
  4 Days $18.00

Afternoon (PM)

10 Days $45.00
  9 Days $40.50
  5 Days $22.50
  4 Days $18.00

Both Morning and Afternoon (AM/PM) 

10 Days $80.00
  9 Days $72.00
  5 Days $40.00
  4 Days $32.00