Programs for 50+

The following classes are included in the group fitness schedule and are FREE for Trent Students and members. While these classes are designed for the needs of our 50+ members, all are welcome to participate. Non-members can join any fitness class with the purchase of a day pass. View our group fitness schedule at:



This class is a self-chosen pace with easily coordinated movements that strengthen mobility and activate your balancing muscles to help individuals that want to stay mobile, active and healthy! It is a great way to exercise with low impact on your joints. This class can be taken in either the shallow or deep water.


On the Move

This class will focus primarily on low impact aerobics and finish with endurance focused muscle conditioning and balance. Relax at the end with a good stretch! 


Gentle strength and stretch    

Gentle Strength and stretch focuses on improving muscular strength, length and flexibility. Using core stability to promote and enhance daily activities. This program is great for all fitness levels. 



A fun and energetic class designed around the recommendations of Osteoporosis Canada.  Class includes low impact cardio, weight training, and balance exercises, all with a strong focus on proper posture, and building muscle strength and awareness to support it.


New Wave Aquafit

New Wave is a low impact fitness class for individuals looking to increase their mobility while strengthening their muscles and joints. This class is a great way for Seniors to stay active and social while having fun!