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Varsity Athlete Scores Great Experience at Trent University Durham GTA

As a high school student looking at universities, I knew I wanted two things — a program that would lead me to a career in teaching and the opportunity to continue playing lacrosse. I was fortunate to find both at Trent University.

I have played lacrosse since I was five years old and I love the sport. Lacrosse keeps me grounded and is a great stress reliever. Despite early practices, cost and time commitment, I knew that I wanted my university journey to include lacrosse.

When I was in Grade 12, I was fortunate that my high school team participated in a tournament hosted by Trent University. During the tournament, I met the Trent coaches and connected with the varsity team. I also learned that Trent offers a Child and Youth Studies program and it became evident that Trent was the perfect fit.

The Child and Youth Studies program is offered exclusively at the Trent Durham GTA campus and the varsity lacrosse team practices at the Peterborough campus. Although the commute between campuses makes my schedule busier, with some organization and the support of the staff and faculty, I’ve been successfully doing both.

Being a varsity athlete introduced me to a fabulous group of teammates who support and encourage me. With four practices a week and games every weekend during the lacrosse season, my teammates quickly became my friends.

During my first year, I lived at home near the Trent Durham campus and commuted to lacrosse practices in Peterborough. Now, in my second year, I live in Peterborough and travel to the Trent Durham campus once a week for a class. I also take some courses in Peterborough and online to add flexibility to my schedule. Next semester, when my sport is in its off-season, I will live back at home and take my full course load on the Durham campus.

I feel fortunate to spend time on both of Trent’s campuses and encourage students to investigate the opportunities available to them. Trent has provided me and other student athletes the flexibility and support to compete at the varsity level while studying at the university’s close-knit Durham campus in the GTA. My coaches and teammates are concerned for my well-being and even make it possible for me to train in Durham as required during the off-season.

If you are thinking about becoming a varsity athlete, I encourage you to follow your dream. The opportunities and skills I am learning in class and on the field are positively shaping my undergraduate experience, as well as building a solid foundation for my future.


This piece was contributed by Kristin Fernandes, a second-year Trent University student in Child and Youth Studies and the Excalibur women’s varsity lacrosse goalie, as part of a reoccurring column with Metroland Media highlighting what's happening at Trent University Durham GTA.


Posted on November 8, 2017