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Yoga class in Fitness Studio 2

Athletics & Recreation

Fitness and Programming

All Drop-in Group Fitness Classes are Free for Trent Students and Members

Online Program Registration Now Open!

Trent Athletics is pleased to announce that we are upgrading our registration software with more online self-serve options for all customers, including online squash bookings.  The new software and online registration system is available to all Trent students, community members and individuals/families wishing to register for programs. For more please visit our instructions guide.

As a Trent Athletic Centre member you have full access to a wide-range of group fitness classes. From yoga and Pilates to bootcamp and group cycling, our classes are designed to suit all fitness levels. Each class is taught by a certified, experienced, caring and encouraging fitness professional. Group fitness participants are ensured a safe yet fun class designed to meet your fitness needs and goals. 

All group fitness classes are free for community members and Trent University students!

  • Drop-in fitness classes are 45-55 minutes in length unless otherwise specified. Group fitness classes are run on a first-come, first-served basis. With the exception of Zumba and Cyclefit, there is no need to sign-up, just drop in and try a class today!

Group Fitness Programs

Class Descriptions​

  • Bootcamp
    • With alternating segments of aerobic and muscle conditioning, this high-energy class will push you to new limits. This is a high- intensity workout designed to challenge your whole body.
  • HIIT
    • This class is designed to strengthen and tone core muscles providing a full body workout that maximizes fat and calorie burning - perfect for individuals looking for an effective workout  in a short span of time.
  • Cycle & Tone
    • From beginner to advanced, this high-energy and vigorous aerobic conditioning class will challenge you using a variety of cycling drills to burn calories and keep your muscles in shape. This is a great way to get all the benefits of outdoor cycling indoors. Definitely one of the best cardio activities out there!​​
  • Endurance Cycle
    • This cardio based workout is suitable for all fitness levels. Cycle through a series of flat roads, hills and sprints and challenge yourself to go the distance!
  • Step & Pump
    • Experience the step as a trainer without worrying about overly complex choreography. This class will focus on simple patterns and movements that will make you sweat while toning and strengthening. High intensity, but low impact.
  • Simply Strength
    • Define and refine in this all strength conditioning class. Improve your technique; while exploring a variety of strength training options from body weight, bars, weights, bands and balls.
  • 20-20-20
    • Test your limits with this challenging fast paced workout that combines cardio, strength and core training.
  • Nia Technique
    • This class combines Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance with Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi, and the Healing Arts of: Feldenkreis Method & Alexander Technique. Promoting overall conditioning through cardiovascular fitness while tapping into stamina, coordination, agility, flexibility, and balance to experience peace, strength and acceptance - the pathway to the Inner Journey. ​
  • Core
    • Equipment and body weight exercises to condition and strengthen your core muscles in a fun, high energy class.

Yoga & Pilates

  • Hatha Yoga
    • Hatha yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on specific postures and breathing exercises to relieve stress, relax and rejuvenate.
  • Power Yoga
    • Fire up your practice with this vigorous yoga class designed to increase stamina, strength and flexibility through dynamic flowing sequences. Get your heart pumping while connecting to your inner power.
  • Vinyasa Yoga
    • Combine movement with awareness of breath in this flowing gentle vinyasa practice. This class will move through a dynamic sequence of poses designed to increase overall connection to breath while stretching, strengthening and balancing the body.
  • Pilates-Mat Class
    • Each class will guide you through the core based exercises that help to improve fitness and prevent injuries. Full body strength and flexibility helps to relieve pain, unlock tight muscles and joints, strengthen your core postural muscles and create a youthful feeling in the body.
  • Power Pilates
    • Using dynamic movements that challenge the integrity of core muscle groups you will be guided through an energizing class that is fun and has the music to keep you motivated. Building on the foundation exercises we will use a variety of equipment such as stability balls, hand weights, therabands and rollers to increase the power of your core giving you the feel of a full body workout.
  • Power Hips
    • Using a variety of movements from Mat Pilates & Vinyasa Yoga this class focuses on the hip girdle: stretching the psoas, piriformis and sciatic regions, while strengthening the lower back, abs and legs.