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Athletics & Recreation

Extramural Hockey

Men's Extramural Hockey

Want to join our 2017-18 Men's Extramural Hockey Program?

Coach Contact Information:
Gavin McKnight


Hockey Alumni Athletic Award

Established by Trent Alumni who love the game of hockey.  Awarded to upper-year full-time students based upon financial need and good standing.  Preference will be given to men and/or women playing extramural or intramural hockey at Trent. OTSS guidelines apply.

About Extramural Hockey

Extramural Hockey is an Ontario Colleges Athletics Association (OCAA) league run by the Ontario College Committee on Campus Recreation (OCCCR). The OCCCR works to develop, implement and promote quality programs and services that enhance students’ educational experiences through participation in recreational sport and wellness activities.

The Extramural Hockey team has weekly ice practices and weekly dry practices.We roster 18 players including goalies for each tournament. Teams participate in a number of tournaments between November and March. The Challenge Cup is hosted in late March each year. Teams must qualify for the Challenge Cup either by winning a tournament, or participating in a minimum of 2 tournaments and being rated high enough in the Power Ratings to earn a Wild Card spot.


  • Tryouts are being held:
    October 2nd, 5th & 8th (10-11pm) at Evinrude Centre
    October 10th (10:15-11:15pm) at Kinsmen Arena
  • Cost: $15/try-out
  • You must present a valid Trent Student card to participate in try-outs. Full CSA approved equipment is required including full face coverage.
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Full CSA approved equipment is mandatory. Hockey helmet must have full face protection with chin strap. Shoulder pads and neck guards are mandatory. A mouth guard is recommended.


Selected players must be current Trent Students with valid student I. D. All players are required to sign a contract and pay a team fee.


Full CSA approved equipment is mandatory. Hockey helmet (CSA approved) must have a full face protection with chin strap. Shoulder pads, neck guards, and full face protection are mandatory. A mouth guard is highly recommended. Goalies must wear full equipment including proper neck guard and flapper.