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Faculty of Arts & Science


Faculty of Arts & Science


Challenge the Way You Think About What it Means to Be Human

In our technology-driven and rapidly changing era, developing and nurturing the skills that make us human — creativity, reason, empathy, communication and cultural understanding — are valuable regardless of what career path you choose. The humanities teach us to comprehend the world we inhabit and give us the knowledge and insight to imagine different futures. The humanities at Trent offer interdisciplinary pathways that will give you the practical tools you need to make a positive impact on your community, and beyond.

Humanities Degree Programs: Choose Your Own Adventure

Pursue your passion and explore what interests you. Choose to major in one area of expertise, or take advantage of Trent’s flexible joint degrees, combining a program in the Humanities with a degree in Social Sciences or Science.

Undergraduate Programs

Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Arts and Science

Canadian Studies

Communications & Critical Thinking

Cultural Studies

English Literature

French Studies

Gender and Women's Studies


Media Studies


Trent / Swansea Dual Degree Program; Law & Arts or Law & Business 

Graduate Programs

Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies M.A.

Canadian Studies Ph.D.

Cultural Studies M.A.

Cultural Studies Ph.D.

English (Public Texts) M.A.

History M.A.







Popular Undergraduate Humanities Courses

Gods, Heroes, Monsters

Gender & Popular Culture

TV Guide: Television in Canada

Food In History

Indigenous Women's Creative Non-Fiction

Trump, Trudeau, Trees, Trade

The Meaning of Life

Women Warriors and Heroic Mothers

Anthropology of Animation

Philosophy of Sport & Recreation

Expand Your Skills

  • Develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and advanced organizational skills
  • Enhance your ability to communicate clearly in a range of different formats, including public speaking, writing, social media, design, and more
  • Broaden your outlook on social and cultural issues and global events

Make A Difference in Your Community

Why wait until graduate school to make your mark? Participate in a community-based research project working directly with local museums, not-for-profits and arts organizations.

Check Out Trent’s Current Community-Based Research Projects.

Get Career Boosting Experience

  • Take advantage of several internship opportunities within one or more of your chosen majors
  • Travel the world performing field work or participate in a study abroad program
  • Give your acting chops a try in a theatre production or ancient Greek play
  • Create a portfolio of your own work: write zines, compose music, code video games, report the news, program radio shows, and more

Did You Know?

 97.14% of Humanities students find employment within 6 months of earning their degree.

Source: MAESD and Institutions

Where can Humanities at Trent take you?

Check out these successful alumni!

Jonathan Pinto

Reporter with CBC/Radio-Canada in Windsor, Ontario
(B.A. Canadian Studies ‘06)

Rachelia Giardino

Manager of Volunteers, Canadian Canoe Museum
(B.A. in History and Women’s Studies ‘08)

Diane Therrien

Mayor, City of Peterborough
(M.A. Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies ‘11)


“I’ve had the opportunity to have one of my papers published, thanks to one of my professors. They really help give you a portfolio that you can work with after graduation that other places might not offer.” 

— Joshuah White '18, Media Studies & Cultural Studies student