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Additional Qualifications

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School of Education

Additional Qualifications


Spring Registration is Open!

We offer all of our courses in every session. If you see it listed under the Courses & Prerequisites link, you can register for it!

Spring Course Dates Registration Deadline Course Fees

May 7 to June 25

April 30 (midnight)

$650 regular course fee for AQs & ABQs

$625 for Trent Grads & returning AQ students

All Teachers Are Welcome to Register Online - No login required!
Courses are accredited by OCT and recognized by QECO & OSSTF


  • Be prepared to pay online by Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard or AMEX
  • Double check your email is entered correctly
  • You will receive two emails after registering: a receipt email and a registration confirmation email

Review Prerequisites for your course

If prerequisites aren't submitted and/or fulfilled and you complete the course, you will not receive credit for your course. You are responsible for making sure you meet prerequisite requirements and for emailing in all required documents.

  • Find out what prerequisites you need and what to email in by clicking on the Prerequisite link
  • Not all courses require you to email in additional documents
  • Information is accessed using your OCT #

Email prerequisite documents to AQ@trentu.ca

Some courses do not require you to send in anything. Email prerequisites to AQ@trentu.ca. Please do not fax or send by mail.

  • Signed Teaching Experience form - Part 2 and Specialist courses - if you know you have the required days, register now and email the signed form in as soon as you get it signed
  • FSL test results or bilingual certificate or transcript

  • Math test results for Intermediate Division Math ABQ or transcript

  • Transcripts - If required, they must be emailed in. Copies are accepted. If you don't have a copy to email, please order one and then email it in to us. If you completed your undergraduate at Trent, you don't need to send in your transcripts, but you DO need to email us so we can review your transcripts.

Register and pay for your course by selecting one of the buttons below

If you are a Trent grad or a returning AQ student, the system will match you with your old student number so that you will receive your discounted course fee.

If you have ever applied to Trent in your lifetime, complete the information section for previous Trent applicants when you register as a guest.

Click on a statement below to Register?

green box with words: I have a Trent username and password

orange button with words: I do not have or I have forgotten my username and password





Need help?

Email AQ@trentu.ca or call Trudy at 1-705-295-4121