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Temples at Bagan, Myanmar


Courses offered 2019-20

Updated 2019 June 21

Please note: This list is current as of the date posted, and will be updated if staffing plans change.

Peterborough Courses
Course Number Term (F/W/FW) Course Title Course Instructor E-mail
ANTH 1001H W Anthropology J. Williams jocelynwilliams@trentu.ca
ANTH 1030H F Archaeology I: Accessing the Past J. Moore jmoore@trentu.ca
ANTH 1200H F The Trojan War R. Fitzsimons rodneyfitzsimons@trentu.ca
ANTH 2001H W Cultural Anthropology A. Meneleyn ameneley@trentu.ca
ANTH 2121H F Foragers to Farmers: The Archaeology of Early Societies J. Conolly jamesconolly@trentu.ca
ANTH 2122H W Farms to Empires: The Archaeology of Complexity G. Iannone giannone@trentu.ca
ANTH 2123H W Archaeology II: Methods J. Newton jennifernewton@trentu.ca
ANTH 2150H F Archaeological Science I: Introduction P. Szpak paulszpak@trentu.ca
ANTH 2205H F Archaeology and Art History of Ancient Greece R. Fitzsimons rodneyfitzsimons@trentu.ca
ANTH 2206H W Archaeology and Art History of Ancient Rome J. Moore jmoore@trentu.ca
ANTH 2312H F Anthropology of Media P. Manning paulmanning@trentu.ca

ANTH 2410H

F Biological Anthropology II: Darwin, Death, and Disease J. Williams jocelynwilliams@trentu.ca
ANTH 2450H W Plagues and People J. Newton jennifernewton@trentu.ca
ANTH 3100Y FW Archaeology III: Key Ideas and Current Issues K. Whitaker kathleenwhitaker@trentu.ca
ANTH 3112H F North American Archaeology W. Fox williamfox@trentu.ca
ANTH 3151H W Lab Methods: Lithics and Bone J. Conolly jamesconolly@trentu.ca
ANTH 3152H F Lab Methods: Ceramics and Historic M. Munson maritmunson@trentu.ca
ANTH 3153H W Archaeological Science II: Ancient Biomolecules P. Szpak paulszpak@trentu.ca
ANTH 3222H W Mystery Cults and Restricted Rituals J. Moore jmoore@trentu.ca
ANTH 3250H W Agean Bronze Age Archaeology R. Fitzsimons rodneyfitzsimons@trentu.ca
ANTH 3260H F Culture and Mortality S. Hepburn shepburn@trentu.ca
ANTH 3404H F Human Osteology J. Newton jennifernewton@trentu.ca
ANTH 3404H W Human Osteology J. Williams jocelynwilliams@trentu.ca
ANTH 3405H W Forensic Anthropology J. Newton jennifernewton@trentu.ca
ANTH 3540H F Mortuary Archaeology J. Newton jennifernewton@trentu.ca
ANTH 3746H W Anthropology of Drinks and Drinking P. Manning paulmanning@trentu.ca
ANTH 3749H W Contemporary Legends P. Manning paulmanning@trentu.ca
ANTH 3810H F Monsters P. Manning paulmanning@trentu.ca
ANTH 3991H F Theories of Society and Culture S. Hepburn shepburn@trentu.ca
ANTH 4145H F Cultural Heritage: Threats and Responses J. Moore jmoore@trentu.ca
ANTH 4165H F Anthropology, Museums, and Indigenous Peoples L. Peers lpeers@trentu.ca
ANTH 4180H F Collapse of Complex Societies G. Iannone giannone@trentu.ca
ANTH 4420H W Paleopathology J. Newton jennifernewton@trentu.ca
ANTH 4430H F Advanced Skeletal Biology J. Williams jocelynwilliams@trentu.ca
ANTH 4830H W Food Politics A. Meneley ameneley@trentu.ca


Durham Courses
Course Number Term (F/W/FW) Course Title Course Instructor E-mail
ANTH 1001H F General Anthropology R. Lohmann rogerlohmann@trentu.ca
ANTH 1002H W Applied Anthropology H. Haines helenhaines@trentu.ca
ANTH 2001H F Cultural Anthropology J. Stinson jamesstinson@trentu.ca
ANTH 2002H W Ethnographic Exploration J. Stinson jamesstinson@trentu.ca
ANTH 2122H W Farms to Empires: The Archaeology of Complexity H. Haines helenhaines@trentu.ca
ANTH 2123H F Archaeology II: Methods H. Haines helenhaines@trentu.ca
ANTH 2311H W Anthropology of Language R. Lohmann rogerlohmann@trentu.ca
ANTH 2410H F Biological Anthropology J. Purcell johnpurcell@trentu.ca
ANTH 2450H W Plagues and People J. Purcell johnpurcell@trentu.ca
ANTH 3160H W Peoples of Pacific Oceania R. Lohmann rogerlohmann@trentu.ca
ANTH 3270H W Anthropology of Religion R. Lohmann rogerlohmann@trentu.ca
ANTH 3333H F Ecological Anthropology R. Lohmann rogerlohmann@trentu.ca
ANTH 3460H W Bio-Cultural Explorations of the Human Life Course J. Purcell johnpurcell@trentu.ca
ANTH 4180H W Collapse of Complex Societies H. Haines helenhaines@trentu.ca
ANTH 4710H F The Maya H. Haines helenhaines@trentu.ca