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 professor helping 2 students in the anthropology lab


Student Research Projects

Upcoming M.A. Thesis Defences:

Natalie Faught

Archaeology, Engagement and Local Communities: The Stélida Naxos Archaeological Project and the Locals of Vivlos, Greece
Supervisor: Roger Lohmann
Committee: Jennifer P. Moore, James Conolly
External Examiner: Lena Mortensen

Recent M.A. Thesis Defences:

Jordan Dills

How to Forge an Empire: Arms Production in the Middle Byzantine Period
Supervisor: Hugh Elton
Committee: Lisa Janz, Rodney Fitzsimons
External Examiner: John F. Haldon, Princeton University

Brent Whitford

Agriculture as Niche Construction: Eco-Cultural Niche Evolution During the Neolithic (c.6200-4900 BC) of the Struma River Valley
Supervisor: James Conolly
Committee: Laure Dubreuil, Rodney Fitzsimons
External Examiner: Andre Costopoulos, University of Alberta

​Some of our current M.A. candidates:

Christopher Armitage

Anthropology in Ontario public high schools: Subsequent effects on the university experience (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside)

Mackenzie Armstrong

Development and Testing of a Digital Northeastern Chert Database (Supervisor: James Conolly)

Kendra Barnett

Ceramic Attribute Analysis of JI2 Update (Supervisor: James Conolly)

Natalie Baron

Rule and Ruin: A comparative analysis of kingship and collapse of Charter States in Southeast Asia (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

Sean Berger

Aquatic resource exploitation and shifting baseline syndrome at Pigeon Lake and Nogies Creek, ON (Supervisor: James Conolly)

Jeremy Brooks

A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence of Storage in the PPNA and the PPNB Archaeological Record of Southwest Asia (Supervisor: James Conolly)

Gwynne Carlos

A Question of Space: Insight into Chultun Function of the Maya Southern Lowlands (Supervisor: Helen Haines)

Darci Clayton

Tools of the Trade: Lithic Biface Variation and Social Networks in South-Central Ontario (Supervisor: James Conolly)

Kathleen Forward

Community Complexity and Collapse: A Settlement Analysis of the Ancient Maya Site Contreras Valley, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

Sophie Goldberg

Exploring communal disease and population health at the medieval city of Angkor, Cambodia (800 AD - 1400 AD) (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

Alicia Hartley

The created experience of tomb spaces in eastern Cappadocia as a reaction to conflict during the Middle Byzantine Period (Hugh Elton)

Renee Hendricks

Performance and gender in the art of the Classic Lowland Maya (Helen Haines)

Francheska Langebeck

The politics of feasting: Civic commensality and the rise of the polis in the Early Iron Age to Archaic Transition on Crete (Supervisor: Rodney Fitzsimons)

Jamie Lynch

Foraging behaviours during the Evolved Aurignacian: Evidence from Gatzarria Cave, level CB (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France) (Supervisor: Eugène Morin)

Selena MacKay

Experimenting with Experimental Archaeology (Supervisor: James Conolly)

Zankhna Mody

Socio-Ecology and the Sacred: A comparative study of historic natural sites in tropical Asia (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

Michael Obie

Lost Landscapes of the Kawarthas: Investigating inundated archaeological sites using integrated methods (Supervisor: James Conolly)

José Guillermo Sánchez Cubilla

Reflections on Utopianism: Insights into idyllic spaces at the Maia Earth and Bahay Kalipay Eco-Village (Supervisor: Roger Lohmann)

Ellie Tamura

The Two Pillars of Bagan, Myanmar: How Royalty and Religion Shaped the Settlement Patterns of an Empire (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

Dan Worby

From Foraging to Farming: Changing diet-breadth and the Middle to Late Woodland transition on Pigeon Lake, Ontario (ca. 500-1300 CE) (Supervisor: Eugène Morin)