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Graduate Course Listing

Please visit the Academic Timetable to see which courses are presently being offered and in which location(s). Not all courses listed below run every term or in all locations. For specific details about program requirements and degree regulations, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Course Code Description Cross Listed With
ANTH-5100Y Method and Theory in Archaeology (Required for students not taking ANTH 5000) An examination and evaluation of major theories and methods and their relationship to problems in archaeological analysis and interpretation. Emphasis will be placed on the history of archaeological thought and its implications for the development of archaeology and anthropology as a whole. Excludes ANTH 510.
ANTH-5300Y Problems in Mesoamerican Archaeology Review of the long and variegated history of human occupation in Mexico and Central America. Problems include the rise, the structure and the fall of complex societies, cultural ecology, the nature of cultural frontiers, and other related issues of Mesoamerican prehistory. Excludes ANTH 530.
ANTH-5325Y Problems in SE Asian Archaeology This course provides an introduction to preindustrial Southeast Asia by fostering engagement with a range of archaeological, historical, and environmental sources. The topical focus will vary from year to year based on the interests of staff and students.
ANTH-5500Y Research Design (Normally Required) Course aims are to develop research skills. Readings, seminars, assignments and student presentations will focus on a number of topics, including: the nature of research, ethics, sampling, statistics and research design, writing skills, research and grant proposal formulation, publishing, collaborative research, peer review, and presentation of conference papers. Excludes ANTH 550.
ANTH-5900H Special Topics Occasional offering in response to student interest and faculty availability.
ANTH-5900Y Special Topics Occasional offerings in response to student interest and faculty availability. Excludes ANTH 590.