Paul Manning

Associate Professor


Office: CC E1.3

Telephone: (705) 748-1011 x 7271

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Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Chicago, 2001

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Research Interests

Linguistic anthropology, anthropology and history, semiotics (the study of signs), cartoons, urban anthropology, anthropology of romance, anthropology of politics, liberalism and neo-liberalism, colonialism, anthropology of technology, nature, mining, landscape, and anthropology of the preternatural (fairies, pixies, monsters, occultism, theosophy). 


Professor Paul Manning received his PhD in linguistics from the University of Chicago in 2001. He has taught anthropology at Northern Illinois University, Reed College, and Bard College. His research focuses on linguistic and semiotic anthropology in Europe (Wales) and Eurasia (Georgia). He has done fieldwork on Welsh speaking populations in Wales, Argentina and on Georgian speaking populations in Georgia and Russia.   

About the picture.  Khevsur (mountain Georgian) children in the village of Khakhmati, Khevsureti, one of the highest villages in Europe. (Fieldwork, 2002)