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Full-Time Faculty

James Conolly


Archaeology - Environmental and landscape archaeology; spatial ecology; geographical information systems and science; spatial and analytical statistics; computer modelling of population dynamics and cultural change.

Laure Dubreuil
(on leave 2016-2017)

Assistant Professor

Archaeology - Prehistory of Southwest Asia; Epipaleolithic; Natufian; Mesolithic; Origins and spread of farming; Epigravettian of Italy; Neolithization of Europe; Ground-stone tools; Grinding implements; Use-wear studies; Experimental archaeology; Technology.

Rodney Fitzsimons

Director, TUARC


Associate Professor

Archaeology - Bronze Age and Iron Age Greek archaeology; architectural studies, monumental architecture, energetics; socio-political organisation, early state formation; mortuary practices; cultural identity

Helen Haines


Assistant Professor
Archaeology - Ancient Maya, Early State Societies, Monumental Architecture, Economics and Socio-Political Development, Ontario pre-historic, and historic archaeology.

Sharon Hepburn

Associate Professor

Sociocultural - Culture and modernity in Nepal, tourism, interpretive anthropology, vision, Nepal, death.

Gyles Iannone

Director, Anthropology Graduate Program


Archaeology - Archaeology, Historical-Political Ecology, Resilience Theory, Early Tropical States, Central America and Asia.

Anne Keenleyside


Associate Professor
- bioarchaeology, palaeopathology, palaeonutrition, Greek, Roman, Black Sea, Mediterranean.

Roger Lohmann


Associate Professor
Sociocultural - Psychological Anthropology, Religion, Dreaming, Cultural Transmission and Change, Melanesia.

Paul Manning


Linguistic Anthropology - Print and digital culture, publics, semiotics, materiality, old and new media, online games, folklore, science and technology studies. Wales, Georgia.

Anne Meneley


Sociocultural - Middle East, Arabia Peninsula, Italy, religion and world view, Islam, embodiment, gender, consumption, ethnographic methods, and histories of anthropology.

Jennifer Moore

Associate Professor
Archaeology - Roman archaeology, archaeology of ancient North Africa, cultural identity, pottery

Eugene Morin (on leave 2016-2017)

Associate Professor
Archaeology - Human behavioural change during the Pleistocene, Neandertals, diffusion of agriculture, Western Europe, Eastern North America

Marit Munson


Associate Professor

Archaeology - Archaeology and art of the US Southwest, rock art, ceramics, gender, group identity, aboriginal art of North America.

Paul Szpak

Canada Research Chair in Environmental Archaeology

Assistant Professor

Archaeology - Environmental archaeology; historical ecology; stable isotope analysis; palaeoecology; applied zooarchaeology; human-environment interactions; bone chemistry; palaeodiet; animal management; human impacts on the environment; Peru; Arctic; British Columbia; Channel Islands (California)

Jocelyn Williams


Associate Professor
Biological -Ancient human health, nutrition and mobility; stable isotope biogeochemistry; human palaeopathology; infant feeding practices in past populations; bioarchaeology of Colonization; bioarchaeology of conflict; environmental change and subsistence.


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Post Doctoral Fellow

Lisa Janz

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Leigh Symonds

Research Associates

Ken Cassavoy

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             Julia Harrison

Paul Healy

Hermann Helmuth

Susan Jamieson

Joseph So

Jacqueline Solway

Morgan Tamplin

John Topic

Joan Vastokas

Romas Vastokas