Part-Time Faculty

William Fox

  • ANTH 3112H North American Archaeology

Jennifer Newton

  • ANTH 2123H Archaeology II: Methods
  • ANTH 2450H Plagues and People
  • ANTH 3404H Human Osteology
  • ANTH 3405H Forensic Anthropology
  • ANTH 3540H Mortuary Archaeology
  • ANTH 4420H Paleopathology

Laura Peers

  • ANTH 4165H Anthropology, Museums, and Indigenous Peoples

John Purcell

  • ANTH 2410H Biological Anthropology (Durham)
  • ANTH 2450H Plagues and People (Durham)
  • ANTH 3460H Bio-Cultural Explorations of the Human Life Course (Durham)

James Stinson

  • ANTH 2001H Cultural Anthropology (Durham)
  • ANTH 2002H Ethnographic Exploration (Durham)

Kathleen Whitaker

  • ANTH 3100Y Archaeology III: Key Ideas and Current Issues