Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Julia Harrison

Professor Emeritus, 2014
BA (Saskatchewan) MA (Calgary) DPhil (Oxford)
Research Interests: Tourist interaction and experience, Ontario cottage culture, the politics of representation of Canadian Aboriginal cultures in museums, the history of Canadian anthropology, and the culture of non-profit institutions

Paul F. Healy

Professor Emeritus, 2013
BA (California-Berkeley), MA, PhD (Harvard)
Research Interests: complex societies, agriculture, mortuary practices, settlement, trade and exchange, ceramics, art and architecture, New World archaeology, Mesoamerica (esp. Maya), Lower Central America and the Caribbean.

Hermann Helmuth

Professor Emeritus, 2002
DSc, Dr. Habil (Kiel)
Research Interests: physical anthropology, osteology, Germany, North America, Maya.

Susan M. Jamieson

Professor Emeritus, 2013
BA (McMaster), MA (Manitoba), PhD (Washington State),
Research Interests: lithic analysis, interaction and postcolonial theory, historical archaeology, Northeastern and Boreal archaeology.

Kenneth E. Kidd (d.1994)

Professor Emeritus, 1973
BA, MA (Toronto)

R. Daniel Powell

Retired 2006
Lic. en Historia (Cordoba), Ph.D. (McGill)

Joseph So

Professor Emeritus, 2008
Research Interests: human adaptability and medical anthropology, psychiatric epidemiology, migration, ethnicity, and health among migrant populations.

Jacqueline Solway

Professor Emeritus, 2016
Research Interests: culture and development; politics, ethnicity and minority rights; rural political economy; African pastoralists; and arid lands and sustainable development.
Please also see her site in International Development Studies.

Morgan Tamplin

Retired 2005
BA (Toronto) MA (London) PhD (Arizona)
Research Interests: paleoecology, particularly zooarchaeology, typology, computer applications in archaeology and the anthropology of computing technology.

Evelyn M. Todd (d. 2008)

Professor Emeritus, 1999 
BA (Toronto), PhD (North Carolina)

John R. Topic

Professor Emeritus, 2011
BA, MA, PhD (Harvard)
Research Interests: archaeology, ethnohistory, complex societies, spatial analysis, Peru, South America.

Joan Vastokas

Professor Emeritus, 2003
MA (Toronto), PhD (Columbia)
Research Interests: anthropology of art, material culture, art and architecture of Europe and the Americas, Northwest Coast, Arctic,

Romas Vastokas

Professor Emeritus, 1996
BA, MA (Toronto) PhD (Columbia)
Research Interests: Visual anthropology (film and video), culture and communication, minority groups, East European post-communist development, Aboriginal rock art and Great Lakes area archaeology.