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Prof Roger Lohmann and U of T Prof Heather Miller, seated with woman from Kalash Valleys, Pakistan 2005


Graduate Alumni

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2017 Christopher Langlois Ritual, Social Organization, and Monumental Architecture: A Case Study of Monumental Tombs in the Goksu Valley (Supervisor: Hugh Elton)

2017 Laura Fyfe Hunnic Warfare in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries C.E.: Archery and the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire (Supervisor: Hugh Elton)


2016 Joshuah Lockett-Harris Sacred Pace, Ancestors, and Authority: New evidence of Developing Middle Formative Period Sochio-Political Complexity from Ka'kabish, Norhern Belize (Supervisor: Helen Haines)

2016 Liam Richard Browne Geospatial Analysis of Late Paleoindian Hi-Lo Points in Ontario and New York: Testing Expectations of the Settling In Hypothesis(Supervisor: James Conolly)

2016 Leah Marajh Water Management Amongst the Ancient States of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Java, and Belize: A Study in Entanglement and Resiliency (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

2016 Peter Hammersley Stable Isotope Analysis of Archaeological Faunal Remains from the Middle Trent Valley, Ontario (Supervisor: Jocelyn Williams)

2016 Ian McKelvie Boyce Situating Copper Bells in Prehispanic Southwestern Societies: An Analysis of their Spatial, Temporal, and Contextual Distribution(Supervisor: Marit Munson)

2016 Lindsay Shirkey Comparative Studies in Tropical Epicentres in Southeast Asia: Understanding entanglement, resilience, and collapse (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)


2015 Samantha Leigh Walker Cemeteries and Hunter-Gatherer Land Use Patterns: A Case Study from the Middle Trent Valley, Ontario (Supervisor: James Conolly)

2015 Hannah Schmidt Late Epigravettian Resource Exploitation in the Southern Pre-Alpine Region: An Archaeozoological Analysis of Layer 617 at Riparo Tagliente, Italy (Supervisor: Eugène Morin)

2015 Kathleen Elaschuk Lithic raw material characterization and technological organization of a Late Archaic assemblage from Jacob Island, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (Supervisor: James Conolly)

2015 Amandah Van Merlin Analyzing agricultural decision making in the Late Roman Empire: a case study from the Göksu Valley, Turkey (Supervisor: Hugh Elton)

2015 Samantha D.R. Price Testing the valididty of dental calculus as a proxy to bone in palaeodietary studies using stable isotope analysis (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside)

2015 Abigail Downer Reassessing bioarchaeological sex determination and research into gender at the Early Anglo-Saxon Worthy Park burial ground in Hampshire, England (Supervisor: Jocelyn Williams)

2015 Jack Barry A GIS-Based Spatial Analysis of Visibility and Movement Using the Ancient Maya Center of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)


2014 Philip S. Cook The "Energetics" of Mycenean Defense Works: Assessing labour investment for fortification construction during the Late Helladic Period (ca. 1600-1200 B.C.) (Supervisor: Rodney Fitzsimons)

2014 Jamie Davidson An ecological analysis of the Late Woodland settlement in the Rouge River Watershed, southern Ontario (Supervisor: James Conolly)

2014 Daniel Savage Arrows before agriculture? A Functional study of Natufian and Neolithic grooved stones (Supervisor: Laure Dubreuil)

2014 Robin Simon Pond Visual information-processing and the evolution of flake making skill (Supervisor: James Conolly)

2014 Nayla Abu Izzeddin Exploring Least Cost Path Analysis: A case study from the Göksu Valley,Turkey (Supervisor: Hugh Elton)

2014 Christa Falconer An examination of the funerary offerings placed in Mycenaean chamber tombs during the Palatial and Postpalatial Periods in the Aegean (Supervisor: Rodney Fitzsimons)

2014 Kristen Anne Csenkey Holocene Resource Exploitation: a zooarchaeological analysis from Jacob's Island, Peterborough County, Ontario (Supervisor: Eugène Morin) ISBN: 9780499266262

2014 Jessica Sutinen Identifying non-local individuals at the ancient Maya centre of Minanha, Belize through the use of stronuim isotope analysis (Supervisor: Jocelyn Williams) ISBN: 9780499252425

2014 Eric Beales A critical analysis of the adoption of maize in southern Ontario and its spatial, demographic, and ecological signatures (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN: 9780494958742

2014 Jodi Schmidt Childhood diet and feeding practices at Apollonia: evidence from deciduous dental pathology and stable isotope analysis (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN: 9780494873342

2014 Arianne Boileau Maya exploitation of animal resources during the Middle Preclassic Period: an archaeozoological analysis from Pacbitun, Belize (Supervisor: Eugène Morin) ISBN: 9780494955055


2013 Kong Fai Cheong Archaeological Investigation of the North Group at Pacbitun, Belize: The function, status, and chronology of an ancient Maya epicenter residential group (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494873281

2013 Steven James Morgan Moodie The sociopolitical function of the ancient Maya ballcourt at Minanha, West Central Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494938591

2013 Keri Lynn Sine Finding answers in chaos: A lithic and post-depositional analysis of the Clark's Bay Site, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494938515

2013 Madeline Holder Animal conceptualization in Punic, Neo-Punic and Roman North Africa: a re-interpretation of sanctuary materials from the Cults of Ba’al Hammon and Tanit (Supervisor: Jennifer Moore) ISBN 9780494938447

2013 Alec McLellan Survey and settlement at the ancient Maya site of Ka'Kabish in northern Belize (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494938409

2013 Cassandra Helene Jasinski The performance of identity through the design of grave memorials installed between 1850-1920 in St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494938584


2012 Andrew Kent Snetsinger Burials and mortuary behaviour of the ancient Maya at Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494938645

2012 Kendall Blair Hills A contextual analysis of the epicentral artifact assemblage from the ancient Maya centre of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494891643

2012 Gwilym Hayward Emerging dialectics: the social organization of the Greek mainland in the Third Millennium BC (Supervisor: Hugh Elton) ISBN 9780494891698

2012 Shannen Stronge Examining chronological trends in ancient Maya diet at Minanha, Belize using the stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen (Supervisor: Jocelyn Williams) ISBN 9780494891742

2012 Shayne A.P. Dahl Knowing Means Connecting with the Source of Life: Sacred Knowledge and Ethics among the Blackfoot (Supervisor: Roger Lohmann) ISBN 9780494891926

2012 Trudy Kirschner A synthesis of the long term cultural development of ancient Maya centers in West-Central Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494828977

2012 Anne Gisèle Dorion Inter-site analysis of Canis familiaris: a comparison of the Proto-Contact Ball Site and the European-Contact Le Caron site, Simcoe County, Ontario (Supervisor: Eugène Morin) ISBN 9780494814321

2012 Ceren Kabukcu Early agriculture in Northern Syria: Botanical remains from Jerablus Tantani (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494828939

2012 Alexander Lee Nascou Variation in arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) and spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) gnawing damage on an experimental faunal assemblage (Supervisor: Eugène Morin) ISBN 9780494828946

2012 Stanley Donald Meskis An archaeological and geographic analysis of the nineteenth century Euro-Canadian settlement of Douro Township, Peterborough County (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494821886

2012 Benjamin James Mortimer Whose pot is this? Analysis of Middle to Late Woodland ceramics from the Kitchikewana Site, Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494821930

2012 Asta J. Rand Ancient Maya diet at Caledonia, Cayo District, Belize: the isotopic evidence (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494821862


2011 Laurence G. Bolduc Trading well-being: exploring the ideological significance of European trade goods in seventeenth century Wendat society (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494821817

2011 Jenna Green Sounds of ritual: music archaeology of the Ancient Andes from the Early Horizon to Middle Horizon (900 BC - AD 1000) (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN 9780494810989

2011 Megan Bower An osteological and stable isotopic investigation of diet and health during the Late Woodland Period at Hidden Spring in Richmond Hill, Ontario (Supervisor: Jocelyn Williams) ISBN 9780494811023

2011 Maxime Lamoureux St-Hilaire The last inhabitants of Minanha: examining the differential abandonment of an ancient Maya community (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494811450

2011 Cara Grace Tremain Investigations in looters' trenches at Ka'Kabish, Northern Belize: an analysis of ancient Maya architecture and construction practices (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494811436

2011 Krystal Lynn Cameron Pots and people: an examination of the relationships between production, function, and distribution at the Le Caron site in Simcoe County, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494811344

2011 Kimberly Jankuta Radiocarbon dates as data: spatial analysis of the Late Dorset to Thule transition (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494811191

2011 Patrick Hoskins The settlement patterns of the Bark Site (BbGp-12) and the surrounding Trent Valley (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494811443

2011 Miranda Elizabeth Joan Brunton Weaving for the Lords of Chimor: the role of cloth production in Chimú political economy (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN 9780494753392

2011 Chelsee Arbour Site and seen: landscape, monuments and visibility in prehistoric West Penwith, Cornwall, England (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494821794

2011 Natalie Sharon Thornhill Negotiating representation: collaboration with First Peoples in Ontario's community museums (Supervisor: Marit Munson) ISBN 9780494753361

2011 Melissa Marie Wallace Modification, Mixture or Metamorphosis: an analysis of European trade goods at the 17th Century Neutral Walker Site, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494753408

2011 Matthew Stephen Longstaffe Ancient Maya core settlement at Minanha, Belize: development, integration, and community dynamics (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494753552

2011 Wendy Solis Ancient Maya exploitation of the jute (Pachychilus Spp.) at the site of Minanha, west central Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494682173

2011 Elizabeth Barbara Thurston Crocodiles and the ancient Maya: A consolidated examination of the iconographic and zooarchaeological evidence (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494682166

2011 Catriona M. Robertson Mortuary behaviour of the ancient Maya at Pacbitun, Belize (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494753453

2011 Cynthia C. Thomson Dental microstructures and maturation: A case study of stress during growth and development (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494682050


2010 William Christopher Carleton The end of the pre-pottery Neolithic in southwest Asia from the perspective of Catalhoyuk (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494682234

2010 Elspeth Ready Neanderthal foraging adaptations in southwestern France: Implications of Mousterian faunal remains at Gatzarria Cave (Supervisor: Eugène Morin) ISBN 9780494682371

2010 Celise Chilcote Inferring activity patterns from human skeletal morphological variations at the site of Teotihuacan, Mexico (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494640845

2010 Scott Alistair Macrae A comparative approach to understanding the socio-political and socio-economic organization of the intensive terrace farming at the ancient Maya centre of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494577844

2010 Caylanne Lyall Paleoethnobotany of the latrine at Fort Wellington (1838-1867), Prescott, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494577813

2010 Michael Lee Stringer The spread of agriculture in Europe: A spatial analysis of the transition to farming (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494577837


2009 Jamie-Lee Houston-Dickson A question of Shamanism in preColumbian Greater Nicoya (Nicaragua and Costa Rica) (Supervisor: Paul Healy)

2009 Jeffrey Bryan Dillane Visibility analysis of the Rice Lake burial mounds and related sites (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494535592

2009 Peter Bikoulis The structure and role of settlement in Göksu Valley and south-central Anatolia: A GIS and social network approach (Supervisor: Hugh Elton) ISBN 9780494532430

2009 Susan J. Beckwith Architecture and social behaviour in the Galisteo Basin: A visibility graph analysis of Pueblo communities (Supervisor: Marit Munson) ISBN 9780494532423

2009 Nancy Denise Champagne Pukaskwa Pits: Rethinking the vision quest hypothesis and other cosmological interpretations (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494532447

2009 Rachel Campbell Dell The rise and fall of a royal court: A ceramic analysis of Group J at the ancient Maya centre of Minanha (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

2009 Teresa Bernadette Wagner Ancient lowland Maya mollusc exploitation at Pacbitun, Belize (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494532058

2009 Jordan Thomas Downey Catequil’s lithics: Stone tools from an Andean complex society (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN 9780494532201

2009 Donald Ray Garrett Jr. The Asabano people of Papua New Guinea and their medical system (Supervisor: Roger Lohmann) ISBN 9780494532218

2009 Stefan Darroch Alexander Jones Classic Maya epicentral organization: A space syntax investigation of the Vaca Plateau, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494531976

2009 M. Michelle Bissonnette A mortuary analysis of status at Apollonia Pontica: Archaeological and osteological considerations (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494531969

2009 Ferenc Toth Palaeopathological analysis of an early Byzantine osteotheke from the Athenian Agora (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494531983


2008 Christopher A.J. Little Becoming an Asabano: The socialization of Asabano children, Duranmin, West Province, Papua New Guinea (Supervisor: Roger Lohmann) ISBN 9780494432013

2008 Jason Seguin Contemporary use of archaeological parks: Pilgrimage and the sacred at Stonehenge, Chaco Canyon, and Tikal (Supervisor: Marit Munson) ISBN 9780494431900

2008 Flannery Kathryn Surette The Acllacona: the Inca chosen women in history and archaeology (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN 9780494431917

2008 Stephanie Marciniak Postmortem dismemberment and fire exposure: the identification of saw mark characteristics on burned bone (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494371756

2008 Jean-Paul Foster Socioeconomic status and the British officers at Fort York, 1815 - 1830 (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494371749

2008 Thomas Herman Krahn A location analysis of early seventeenth century Neutral settlements, southern Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494316993

2008 Cynthia S. Kwok Baby bones, food and health: Stable isotopic evidence for infant feeding practices in the Greek colony of Apollonia (5th - 2nd centuries B.C.) (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494317006

2008 Rhianne McKay A GIS analysis of the impact of soil erosion on archaeological visibility on the island of Antikythera, Greece (Supervisor: James Conolly) ISBN 9780494317013

2008 Dagmara Zawadzka Canadian Shield rock art and the landscape perspective (Supervisor: Joan Vastokas) ISBN 9780494317020


2007 Carrie Lynd Dennett The Río Claro Site (AD 1000-1530), Northeast Honduras: A ceramic classification and examination of external connections (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494316986

2007 Marc Gordon Blainey Surfaces and beyond: The political, ideological, and economic significance of ancient Maya iron-ore mirrors (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN 9780494290637

2007 Thomas Mark Dormon Degenerative joint disease in the ancient Maya population of Lamanai, Belize (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494290644

2007 Daniela Jofre Poblete Namanchugo: Ritual practices, changes and continuities in an Andean shrine (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN 9780494290651

2007 Alistair Ronald Jolly A Wendat flaked stone assemblage from the Le Caron Site, Simcoe County, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494290668

2007 Laura Diane McRae Interpreting the archaeology field school (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494290675

2007 Derek Newman-Stille Acculturation in the Aegean Bronze Age: A study of the adoption and reinterpretation of Minoan religious iconography by the Helladic culture (Supervisor: Jennifer Moore) ISBN 9780494290682

2007 Derek Andrew Michel Paauw Archaeological investigations in Group L at the ancient Maya Centre of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494290699

2007 Catherine A. Paterson Stable isotope analysis and geographic origins of 19th Century Port Hope pioneers (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN 9780494290705

2007 Adam John Pollock Investigating the socio-economic and socio-political organization of intensive agricultural production at the ancient Maya community of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494290712

2007 Janice M. Teichroeb The archaic lithic assemblage from West Burleigh Bay, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN 9780494290729

2007 Janais Yvonne Turuk More grist for the mill: An analysis of the grinding stones recovered from the ancient Maya site of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN 9780494290736


2006 Christianne Hawken A palaeopathological analysis and health reconstruction of a 19th Century Methodist cemetary from Port Hope, Ontario (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN: 9780494156865

2006 Karen Blackbourne Life and health in Nineteenth Century Port Hope, Ontario: Isotopic and dental evidence of diet (Supervisor: Anne Keenleyside) ISBN: 9780494156759

2006 Katherine Cappella Ontario's first farmers? Investigations into Princess Point and the introduction of horticulture to Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 9780494156773

2006 Charlene Alexandria Murphy The Richardson Site revisited: An examination of plant remains and dates from a late Pickering site (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 9780494156964

2006 David Nicholas Rewniak The zooarchaeology of the San Cristobal Site, Nicaragua (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 9780494157046


2005 Joëlle Mélanie Chartrand Ancient Maya ceramic economy: petrographic analysis of volcanic ash tempered ceramics from Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone)

2005 Julie Kapyrka Archaeology and First Nations: Examining the attitudes of Ontario archaeologists (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0494048492

2005 Leslie Joan McCartney You need to tell that true Albert Johnson story like we know it: Telling the Albert Johnson, the mad trapper of Rat River narratives (Supervisor: Julia Harrison) ISBN: 0494048522

2005 Katie Margaret Miles Organisation of technology and chert raw material utilisation at the Bark Site, southern Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0494048530

2005 Matthew Mosher Building identities: Socio-political implications of ancient Maya civic plans (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN: 0494048557

2005 Barbara Slim Letting the margins speak: Exploring the lower strata of ancient Maya royal courts at Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN: 0494048603

2005 Lisa Stewart Public archaeology in action: Creating sustainable cultural tourism development plans for the ancient Maya site of Minanha, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN: 049404862X


2004 Louise Hornagold Sustainability, authenticity and tourism development in Nunavut (Supervisor: Julia Harrison) ISBN: 0494003561

2004 Ganna Pcholkina Oxygen isotopes as evidence of migration among early Peterboroughians (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth) ISBN: 0494003642


2003 Beau Franklin Cripps The garbage of gentleman: Investigations of a military refuse midden from the Shirley Heights officers’ quarters (PAH 127) Antigua, West Indies (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612808394

2003 Lisa D. McParland An analysis of caching practices in the eastern Maya lowlands (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN: 0612808521

2003 Adam Clayton Joseph Menzies A technological and functional analysis of the obsidian assemblage from Minanha, Cayo District, Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN: 0612808548

2003 Jason Nesbitt Cerro Icchal: An Andean Place of Ritual (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0612808572

2003 J. Ryan Primrose The ancient Maya water management system at Minanha, West Central Belize (Supervisor: Gyles Iannone) ISBN: 0612808629


2002 Sandra Erin Atkins The formation of the League of the Haudenosaunne (Iroquois): Interpreting the archaeological record through the oral narrative Gayanashagowa (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612671186


2001 E. Marilyn Baker Technical attributes as culture choices: The textiles associated with an Inca sacrifice at Cerro Esmeralda, northern Chile (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0612579786

2001 Katrina Johanna Bettcher Children and childhood in ancient Peru (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0612579794

2001 David M. Cruz You are what you eat: A comparative zooarchaeological analysis of two ceramic age sites, Antigua, W.I. (Supervisor: Morgan Tamplin) ISBN: 0612579832

2001 Megan Myfanwy Davies-Ostrom Doing our best: Agency, identity, and morality in parental narratives and understandings of children’s bodies (Supervisor: Sharon Hepburn) ISBN: 0612579859

2001 Brandi Lyn Gillett Situating aboriginal tourism as a site of negotiated representation (Supervisor: Julia Harrison) ISBN: 0612579883

2001 Nadine Laura Gray Into the darkness: Investigations of Maya Chultunob from X-Ual-Canil (Cayo Y), Belize (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0612579891

2001 Kirsten Margaret E. McDonald Degenerative joint disease: What can it tell us about the early historic Maya at Lamanai? (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth) ISBN: 0612579948

2001 Jeffrey David Seibert Residential architecture as an indicator of social status among the ancient Maya of the Belize Valley (Supervisor: Paul Healy)


2000 Anne Marie Galloway (Re) Constructing Inka understandings of architectural space (Supervisor: Joan Vastokas) ISBN: 0612485730

2000 Sheryl Ann Gibbs An interpretation of the significance of human remains from the caves of the southern Maya lowlands (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth) ISBN: 0612485757

2000 Sonja Andrea Schwake On the road: excavations along the Maya Sacbe at X-Ual Canil Cayo District, Belize (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0612485862


1999 Kendra Mary Ann Adema The brililance of Comitatus: aesthetics & society in early Anglo-Saxon England (Supervisor: Joan Vastokas) ISBN: 0612404617

1999 Helen Marie Evans The Syncretic Continuum: A model for understanding the incorporation of European goods at Le Caron, a 17th Century Huron Village site, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612404684

1999 Josalyn M. Ferguson The ballgame at Baking Pot Belize: An analysis of the ballcourts at a Maya civic centre (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0612404692

1999 James P. Huffman Social distance among the Precolumbian Moche of north coastal Peru: A study of mortuary variability (Supervisor: John Topic)

1999 Melanie MacArthur Out of place: Gender, identity, and space: The experiences of contemporary solo women travellers (Supervisor: Julia Harrison) ISBN: 0612404811

1999 Susan Brooke Milne Pre-Dorset lithic technology (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 061240482X

1999 Robert Rost A bioarchaeological approach to constructing mortuary practices: A case study from the circa A.D. 1580-1625 Petun Buckingham ossuary site (BcHb - 24), Ontario Canada (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth) ISBN: 0612404854


1998 Diane D. Maxwell Classic period royal Maya women: A feminist analysis (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0612302237

1998 Karen Ann McGarry The relationship between cultural crisis and material culture creativity among the Ontario Iroquoians, ca. 1530-1650 A.D. (Supervisor: Joan Vastokas)  ISBN: 0612302253


1997 Christy Nicole deMille Lithic raw material utilisation patterns in the Oldman River Valley, southern Alberta (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612216845

1997 Rita Maria Christina Granda The ancient Zenu of NW Colombia: A study of the status of women (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0612216888

1997 Dwayne James The nineteenth century farmer in Upper Canada: A comparative butchering analysis of four historical sites in Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson)

1997 Ronald Glenn Kearsley Pinched-face human effigy pipes: A contextual analysis (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612216918

1997 Leola LeBlanc The accumulation and significance of microfauna in an Albanian cave: Faunal analysis of the Konispol Site (Supervisor: Morgan Tamplin) ISBN: 0612216926

1997 Daniel Luc Robert Pergantile and King's Forest Park: Glen Meyer, Hamilton, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612216985

1997 Rhan-Ju Song Developmental defects of enamel in the Maya of Altun Ha, Belize: Implications for ancient Maya childhood health (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth) ISBN: 0612217027

1997 Megan Elizabeth Springate Keeping it cool: Investigations around the Benares icehouse, Mississauga, Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612217035

1997 Gina M. Turff A synthesis of Middle Woodland panpipes in eastern North America (Supervisor: Morgan Tamplin) ISBN: 0612217051


1996 David Blower The quest for mullu: Concepts, trade, and the archaeological distribution of Spondylus in the Andes (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0612216713

1996 Dennis P.D. Davies Integration period Chimbo culture in Bolivar, Ecuador: The ceramic evidence (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0612092666

1996 Robert John Lackowicz An attribute and spatial analysis of several ground stone artifact types from southern Ontario, in relation to their patterning and context in the northeast (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612092712

1996 Arthur Reginald Murphy Archaeological investigations at Muddy Bay (PH-14), Antigua, West Indies: A post-Saladoid settlement (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0612216756

1996 Terry George Powis Excavations of Middle Formative period round structures at the Tolok Group, Cahal Pech, Belize (Supervisor: Paul Healy)

1996 Vito Vaccarelli Prosperity, adversity and the appearance of worth; Socio-economic status and the Macdonells of Pointe Fortune, Ontario 1813-1881 (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612216764


1995 Shannon Louise Coyston An application of carbon isotope analysis of bone apatite to the study of Maya diets and subsistence at Pacbitun and Lamanai, Belize (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth) ISBN: 0315987871

1995 Joan Marianne Kanigan The ceramics of Chan Chan, Peru: A reanalysis of the Siar Collection (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0315987928

1995 Michael A. Klassen Icons of power, narratives of glory: Ethnic continuity and cultural change in the contact period rock art of Writing-On-Stone (Supervisor: Joan Vastokas) ISBN: 0315987936

1995 Marion Andrea Maar Cranio-dental allometry and metric and morphological relationships of the dentition of the skeletal population at Altenerding, Germany (Supervisor: Hermann Helmuth)

1995 Kay Sachiko Sunahara Ancient Maya settlement: The western zone of Pacbitun (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0315988029


1994 Patricia Anne Austin Visions of life, visions of death: Ancient Maya mercury and the "waking dream" (Supervisor: Paul Healy) ISBN: 0315891157

1994 Martin James Handly Lithic assemblage variability at Charlie Lake Cave (HbRf-39): A stratified rock shelter in northeastern British Columbia (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0315891068

1994 Gediminas Lankauskas Bakhtin and anthropology: The carnivalesque in late Mediaeval Europe and among the Late Classic Maya (Supervisor: Joan Vastokas) ISBN: 0315891092

1994 Andrew Roger Martindale Household structures in the formative: Exacations at Ramaditas, Chile (Supervisor: Theresa Topic)

1994 Lisa Kathryn Rankin And such was the custom of the Inca: The Imperial Mitmaq Policy of the Inca (Supervisor: John Topic) ISBN: 0315891270

1994 Doris Patricia Zibauer An analysis of ceramics from the Hungry Hall Site, northwestern Ontario (Supervisor: Susan Jamieson) ISBN: 0612092623


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