Honours B.A. Degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

This degree is an integrated and interdisciplinary program of study that focuses on the social, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of agriculture and food.  It presents global, Canadian, and local perspectives, building on a foundation of concepts and techniques of environmental studies and their application to agriculture and food systems.  Over the four years of the program students will take courses that examine the following:

  • the political, social, and environmental dimensions of agricultural production
  • the relationship between agricultural production and other land uses
  • how we consume food, examined from political, social and cultural perspectives
  • food distribution, from the local to the global scale: the economics, politics, and ethics of local food supply networks in the context of global trade; current trading patterns and the prospects for fair trade in olive oil, coffee, and other commodities
  • agriculture and community economic development
  • food production and distribution in the developing world
  • indigenous perspectives on food and agricultural production

The Single-Major Honours Program - 20 credits including the following 13.0 credits:

  • 4.5 SAFS credits consisting of SAFS 1001H (or2001H), 2350H (or 3350H), 2500H, 3302H, 3340H, 3370H, 3602H (or ERST 3601Y), 4002H, and 4100H
  • 2.0 SAFS credits at the 3000 level or beyond in addition to the above
  • 2.0 SAFS credits in addition to the above
  • 1.0 ERSC credit consisting of ERSC 1010H and 1020H (or 1000Y)
  • 1.0 GEOG credit consisting of GEOG 1030H and 1040H
  • 1.0 IDST credit consisting of IDST 1001H and 1002H (or 1000Y)
  • 1.5 ERSC and/or ERST credits from ERSC 2240H, ERST 2100H, 2510H, 2520H or 2525H

The Joint-Major Honours Program - 20 credits including the following 8.0 credits:

  • 2.0 SAFS credits consisting of SAFS 1001H (or 2001H), 2350H (or 3350H), 2500H and 4002H
  • 2.0 SAFS credits at the 3000 level or beyond in addition to the above
  • 2.0 SAFS credits in addition to the above
  • 1.0 ERSC credit consisting of ERSC 1010H and 1020H (or 1000Y)
  • 1.0 IDST credit consisting of IDST 1001H and 1002H (or 1000Y)