Planning Your Degree

There are many considerations that go into planning your degree, from choosing the right program for you to ensuring you have what you need to graduate, we have online resources to help. Consider booking an appointment with an academic advisor if you have questions about any of these resources or if you would like help in planning your degree.   

Academic Information

Important dates and deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar

Also available in the Academic Calendar is information on:

  • Academic Information & Regulations
  • University Degree Requirements
  • Major/Minor Requirements, Course Descriptions, Prerequisites
  • Special Programs and Opportunities
    • Arts & science stream for teacher education
    • Community-based education programs
    • Diploma programs
    • Emphases
    • Joint programs with other institutions
    • Options
    • Specializations
    • Trent/Swansea dual degree
    • Year abroad programs

Academic Timetable: Courses offered in a given academic session.

Department/Program Websites

Petitions and Appeals