Transfer student information

Do you have transfer credits from another institution?

If you have transfer credits from another institution, some transfer credits may appear on your transcript right away and some may still be in the process of being transferred.  Before you begin choosing courses for the academic year it would be a good idea to become familiar with the transfer credit policy .  Your file will automatically be assessed for potential Transfer Credits.  You can check the progress of your transfer credit assessment by logging into your myTrent portal; transfer credit updates will appear in the “notifications” section (top right corner) of your portal home-screen.  If course syllabi are required to complete your assessment, this will show in the “notifications” area and  you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit these.  Questions about the transfer credit policy or the transfer credit process should be directed to the admissions team directly (   Typically, you should consult with an Academic Advisor after your transfer credit assessment has been completed.

You can review your transfer credits through your myTrent Student Portal as they should appear on your unofficial transcript when they are complete.  Some credits will be listed as the course code for which they are equivalent to within our institution while others may not reflect a specific course we offer but can still count as a credit towards your electives.  Codes such as Arts Yr1 Unassigned mean that this credit is not reflective of a course we offer at Trent but it is an Arts credit at the 1000 level (introductory level).  Since you are allowed to count up to 7.0 credits of 1000 level courses towards the 20.0 credits required for an honours degree you need to keep track of the number of 1000 level credits you are getting transferred and that you need for your major.

Your next steps would be to make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss how your transfer credits satisfy your degree requirements and what credits are still needed to complete your degree here at Trent.  While there are a lot of resources on line to help you with course selection, since you will have less time to plan a full degree you will want to make an appointment with an advisor before you start your courses at Trent.

MyTrent screen showing Transfer Credit button under Academics tab