Elective courses are classes that students take in addition to the required courses they need for their specific program, or in addition to the courses that they are taking for the major - courses they are interested in. 
Here at Trent we believe that interest is the most important factor to consider when choosing electives.  Each University course requires a lot of time and effort, so you would likely get a better grade in a course that you actually enjoy. 

When choosing an elective it is important to choose a course that would interest you, that could complement your major and/or open new options for your future.  In the Academic Calendar you can find the course descriptions and you can review upper year courses in various majors that you may find interesting.  Upper year courses will have prerequisites. Can you take a course now that leads to a course you would love to take later? Students should look at the Academic Calendar in order to read course descriptions, as well as to see the requirements for a major within the specific department.

​Here is a list of departments at Trent linking you to their websites where there are first year course descriptions available.