Course registration

Understanding when you can register

Once you have selected your courses and determined which times the courses are being offered it is time to register (For more information about course selection and registration).

Fall and Winter registration opens in June and continues until second week of the beginning of term (Fall/Winter term registration dates). Summer registration starts in March and continues until the first week of term ( Summer term registration dates ). Priority registration allows students with the most credits an opportunity to register their course selections in their major before those who have not acquired as many credits.  This process helps to insure that students close to graduation are getting the courses needed to complete their degree requirements.

Registration happens through the MyTrent portal in the 'Register' tab under the 'Registration' section. 

There are different ways to register for courses using the different tools displayed on myTrent.  This website will attempt to summarize how to use each tool and to explain when you might use each tool for registering your course selection.

Screenshot of the myTrent portal Register tab highlighting the icons under the Registration section - Course Express Registration, Course Register and Drop, Registration Instructions


Express Registration to import your courses

image of the MyTrent icon used for Course Express Registration

Whether you have planned your fall and winter terms using the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) or you have identified courses using the Academic Timetable (information for creating a timetable) each course has a designated synonym that you will use to register.  Course synonyms are 6 digits long and represent specific course sections, including the lecture and lab/tutorials/seminars if applicable.  The synonyms are specific to campus and can be found in the Academic Timetable column or at the bottom of your designed schedule using the Visual Schedule Builder tool (see images below).  Copy and paste these synonyms into express registration and press "submit".  Once you have submitted your course synonyms you will be sent to the "Course - Register and Drop" tool to complete the registration process.   

screen shot of the Academic Timetable highlighting the Synonyms column

screenshot of VSB shopping cart contaiming the synonyms of five courses, waiting ot be copy and pasted into Express Registration

screenshot of Express registration after pasting the five synonyms into the space provided


Register, Waitlist, or Drop your course selection 

image of the MyTrent icon used for Course Register and Drop

Using the 'Course - Register and Drop' tool you can complete the final stage of registration or you can save your course selection here for later registration. You can also use this tool to add yourself to waitlisted courses and to make changes to your schedule by dropping courses you are no longer interested in.

When you are ready to register into your course(s) that have been populated into the 'Preferred Sections' area of the 'Course Register and Drop' tool you must select the action to register (right box beside the course listed highlighted in the image below).   If the course is full and the course has a waitlist you can also select to waitlist for this course using this feature.  If you have too many courses that you have been trying to register into you may want to remove the course selection from this area and start again. 

Once you have submitted your selection you will get confirmation of registration success at the top of the page or there will be instructions explaining why your source registration was unsuccessful, including contact information for more help.  If the course was registered or dropped from your timetable you will receive a confirmation email sent to your Trent account.

screenshot of Course - Register and Drop with emphasis on the action location - the place where students make their selection