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Long Night Against Procrastination


What: Trent's Long Night Against Procrastination is a free event to help students develop essential skills to manage demanding end-of-semester writing and study schedules. At LNAP, students can...

  • Attend workshops on stress management, exam preparation, and writing strategies
  • Meet with an academic skills instructor, academic advisor, research librarian, or rebound guide
  • Learn study and writing tips from informative and interactive displays
  • Take advantage of our other free stress-busters, like mindfulness sessions, desk yoga, and healthy snacks
  • Win prizes by attending workshops and one-on-ones
  • Add to your co-curricular record by attending 3 workshops and 1 appointment

Where: Trent Student Centre

When: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 5 pm to 10 pm

Who: An event for all students. Organized by Academic Skills and the Colleges.

How: Workshop registration will be available at www.trentu.ca/sep, and drop-in appointments are first come, first served.

Why: The first Long Night Against Procrastination was held at a university in Germany in 2010 as a way for campus services to further support students academically. This event will be the seventh bi-annual Long Night Against Procrastination held at Trent University

LNAP Workshop and Event Schedule

Drop-In Appointments

Academic Skills: 5-10 pm

Research Librarians: 5-10 pm

Academic Advisors:5:00-9:00 pm

Rebound Guides: 5-10 pm


5:00 pm Deadlines Are Closer Than They Appear: Overcome Procrastination and Get ‘Er Done! (Andrea Maxie)
5:30 pm Stressed? Take a Breath! Refocus with Mindful Meditation (Mary Ann Armstrong)
6:00 pm The Real Story of Time Management (Nancy Smith)
6:30 pm The Final 4 Weeks: Make a Plan that Works (Erin Stewart Eves)

6:30 pm Stretch for Success: Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk (Truly B Me)
7:00 pm How to "Read" a Book in 7 Minutes (Nancy Smith)
7:30 pm What To Do Before You Write (Mary Ann Armstrong)
8:00 pm Design a Degree That's Right for You! (Tina Fridgen)
8:30 pm Avoid All-Nighters: Study Tips for Finals (Dana Capell)

9:00 pm You Snooze, You Win: Get Better Sleep (Kate MacIsaac)

Register at www.trentu.ca/sep (REGISTRATION OPEN ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 30)

If you plan to attend LNAP, please remember to
- bring a water bottle or coffee mug; there will be free food and hot beverages,
- plan your ride home in advance. Be sure to take public transit or arrange a ride,
- use the Walkhome program to return to residence.

Questions? Contact Academic Skills at (705) 748-1011 x7098 or email acdskills@trentu.ca

Workshop Materials from LNAP Fall 2016