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Index of Academic Skills Resources

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24/7 weekly schedule (pdf)

4-month calendar, term-at-a-glance

Academic Reviews, How to Write (pdf)
Active and Passive Voice, Clear Writing
Active and Passive Voice, Science Writing
Annotated Bibliographies, How to Write (pdf)
APA: Documentation Guide
APA: Running Head (video)
APA: Title Page (video)
Article Summaries, How to Write (pdf)
Assignment analysis worksheet (pdf)
Assignment calculator

Audio files

Bell-Ringer Exams (pdf)
Business Reports, How to Write (pdf)

Calculus: Lines, Conics, Limits & Derivitives (pdf)
Comma Splices (video)
CSE: Documentation Guide

Dangling & Misplaced Modifiers, Clear Writing
Documenting Sources, Online Guide

Editing & Revising Strategies, Essay Writing
Effective Paragraphs, Essay Writing
English Essay Guide
Essay-Writing Guide
Essay Exams, Studying (pdf)
Exam Anxiety, Managing (pdf)
Exams, Understanding Short-Answer & Essay Questions (pdf)
Exams, Answering Short-Answer & Essay Questions (pdf)

Footnoting (Chicago): Documentation Guide
Footnoting, How to in MS Word (video)

Grammar & Clear Writing

Hypotheses & Predictions (pdf)

Its vs. It’s (video)

Lab Reports, Writing
Learn from Comments, Improve your Writing (pdf)
Lectures, Listening & Notetaking (pdf)
Lectures, Notetaking Template (pdf)
Literature Reviews, How to Write (pdf)

Math Prep & Review - Formula for Success
MLA: Documentation Guide
Multiple Choice Exams (pdf)

Narrowing the Topic, Essay Writing

Notetaking Template, Humanities & Social Sciences Reading/Research (pdf)

Notetaking Template, Sciences Reading/Research (pdf)

Oral Presentations (pdf)
Outlines & Pre-writing, Essay Writing

Parallel Construction, Clear Writing
Plagiarism, Avoiding
Powerpoint for Presentations (pdf)
Poster Presentations (pdf)
Pronoun Reference, Clear Writing
Psychology Statistics: Math Review (pdf)

Reading Critically and Efficiently (pdf)
Reading, Humanities & Social Sciences (pdf)
Reading, Sciences (pdf)
References, by Discipline
Reflections, How to Write (pdf)
Research Strategies, Essay Writing

Science Writing, Structure, Style & Common Errors
Sentence Structure
Starting University – Survive & Thrive
Statistics: Chi-square instruction (pdf)
Statistics: Confidence interval example (pdf)
Studying for Exams: 7 Strategies to Start Now (pdf)

Thesis development
Time management, Effective Strategies (pdf)

Tools, Notetaking

Tools, Time management