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Writing Essays

Writing English Essays

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Writing Essays

Thinking it Through: The Academic Skill Centre's Essay-Writing Guide

This web site is a comprehensive practical guide to academic essay-writing and covers everything from choosing a good topic and thesis, through effective research, reading, notetaking, and prewriting techniques to writing a first draft and revision, editing and proofreading.



Writing English Essays

Writing the English Essay: Substance and Style

An English essay is quite different from essays required of other disciplines, and this web site guides students through the the steps in writing an English essay: identifying literary themes, developing a thesis, organizing ideas, drafting, and revising.



Other Writing Assignments

This e-book explains approaches to critical reading, effective notetaking, and organized thinking in order to write an academic review. It includes three sample reviews from a range of disciplines.

Learn how to identify the key message of an academic article and to organize a brief and focussed summary about how the message is developed and supported.

  • Creating an Annotated Bibliography PDF | Word

Understand the structure and function of an annotated bibliography. This resource includes three sample annotations for popular citation systems: Chicago style, MLA, and APA.

The literature review requires a thoughtful approach to a body of knowledge. Learn strategies for analyzing and synthesizing sources to write an clear and cohesive literature review.

Understand different types of reflective writing. This resource offers strategies to encourage meaningful reflection, to organize ideas, and to communicate them effectively.

The conventions of business writing require focus, organization, and clear writing, all of which is often collaborative. Learn strategies for writing clear and analytical reports for business courses.

  • Improve your Writing: Learning from Instructors' Comments PDF | Word

The feedback you receive from your instructors is important as it can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in writing, research, and analysis. This resource examines common feedback students receive and offers strategies to improve based on this feedback.



Consider how the purpose and audience for a poster presentation influence its content and format; use our checklists to ensure you have created an effective poster.

The keys to an effective oral presentation: clarity, concision, and confidence. Learn strategies for preparing and delivering oral presentations.

An effective PowerPoint presentation complements your oral presentation; learn how to plan, create, and deliver a presentation with PowerPoint.