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Staff Profile: Melanie Sedge

Building communities of academic and social connection and support

Head of Champlain College ~ Student Experience Facilitator ~ 3-Minute Paper Organizer ~ Canoe Tripper

Bringing together students, faculty, staff, and alumni, Melanie Sedge facilitates vibrant social and intellectual programming and interactions at Champlain College. Collaborating with the other College Heads, Melanie works to create learning and engagement opportunities for on and off-campus students at the Colleges and across Trent University.

Melanie sees the crux of her work as “helping students get engaged with the community, the Champlain College community here at Trent, so that they have a personalized learning experience while they’re here… as well as fostering opportunities for the community to come together and form and develop those important conversations and relationships.”

While Melanie notes that she enjoys interacting with all of the different parts of the College community – students, faculty, staff, and alumni – she particularly loves being in a position where she regularly interacts with students. “I learn things from students every single day. I’m always sort of awestruck by them, whether it’s something creative that they’re doing, or a new initiative that they’re starting, or an idea they have, or just even a critical viewpoint that they have on something that is happening on campus.”

Passionate and dedicated, Melanie Sedge truly exemplifies the type of teaching and learning Trent is renowned for, and which the Centre for Teaching and Learning is proud to showcase. 

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers a variety of events and opportunities to celebrate and further enhance the outstanding teaching and learning at Trent University. Melanie Sedge is part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning series showcasing faculty, staff and students who inspire and enhance excellent teaching and learning. Watch for upcoming showcases featuring faculty, staff and students contributing to exceptional teaching and learning here at Trent.

Posted on November 29, 2017