Dr. Chris Metcalfe (

Professor - School of the Environment

Director - Institute for Watershed Science

Dr. Chris Metcalfe has focused his research over the past 30 years on the environmental distribution and toxic effects of organic contaminants.

His past research focused on the fate and effects of persistent, non-polar contaminants (e.g., PCBs, pesticides), but his recent work has shifted to an emphasis on polar contaminants in industrial and municipal wastewaters. His early recognition and participation in this paradigm shift in contaminants research has resulted in national and international recognition of the innovative nature of his research program, and has fostered his participation in international research teams.

Dr. Metcalfe's ongoing research on the fate and distribution of pharmaceutical and personal care products in the environment has generated considerable attention both nationally and internationally. He is currently working on a project to evaluate the distribution and impacts of the release of nanoparticles into the environment.  Dr. Metcalfe is also involved in in vitro and in vivo studies on the toxicological effects of contaminants.

Selected Publications

Dr. Metcalfe's Research Group

  • Brenda Seaborn - Lab Technician
  • Tamanna Sultana - Research Associate
  • Mary Claire Buell - Ph.D. candidate
  • Marsha Serville - Ph.D. candidate
  • Erin Hayward - M.Sc. student
  • Stephen McGovarin - M.Sc. student
  • Sharday James - 4th year UG student