History of the Endowment Lands Plan

Endowment Lands Master Plan 2006 - Part 1 Background and Context
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Endowment Lands Master Plan 2006 - Part 2 The Guiding Framework
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Endowment Lands Master Plan 2006 - Part 3 The Parcel Plan
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Phase II Water Street Residences Update - July 2014


With the fourth building in Phase I of the Water Street Residences complete, Phase II – the fifth building in the Water Street Residence plan – is now underway. London Property Corp. (Residence Development Corporation) recently named the block of student residences Campus Heights.


Location of Phase II Residences

As part of the official Endowment Lands Plan, the location for Phase II of the Water Street residences will be at 1633 Water Street, south of the lights at Nassau Mills Road on the west side of Water Street. Please see Site A, circled on the attached map, just south of the wetland. (The four buildings associated with Phase I can also be seen on the map, just north Nassau Mills Road and Water Street.)


Changes to the Plan for Environmental Protection

Those familiar with previous plans will note there is no longer a building indicated at Site B on the map. Through an environmental assessment, it was noted that Site B was the site of sensitive wetlands. Through consultations with ORCA, the University worked with the developer to limit the Phase II development to Site A, in order to protect the diversity of species dependent upon the wetland habitat. Previously a six acre development, the London Property Corp. Phase II development is now two acres.

Details of the Phase II Building Design and Structure

The Phase II development at Site A will be designed in the attractive “Georgian” style architecture of buildings one and three in Phase I.

The Phase II building will comprise 36, three-bedroom apartments, with two bathrooms each, able to accommodate up to 180 students.

As with Phase I, the Phase II building will be built in accordance with municipal agreements, under proper supervision of RDC’s architects and landscape architects, and subject to regulation, supervision, control and inspection of the University.

Student Occupants

Due to demand from first-year students and their parents for residences close to campus, Phase II will comprise a mix of first-year and upper-year students. The combination of first-year and upper-year students with programming by residence life staff, and Dons living on-site, will provide the oversight and mentoring for a positive residential experience. First-year students in the Phase II Water Street Residence will be affiliated with Champlain College, as part of the Champlain College Annex and will participate in college programming and utilize college services at Champlain College.