In order to promote archaeological and bioarchaeological research at Trent, several small operating grants are annually made available for TUARC members. Grants do not exceed $500.00, and no more than one (1) grant will be made to a TUARC member each academic year. The number of research grants available each year are determined by TUARC (normally at the Fall meeting) based on the annual budget.

Grant applications outline the research project, and must demonstrate collaborative research between a TUARC member and a graduate student(s) in the Trent M.A. program in Anthropology. Applications must describe the research to be undertaken (goal and methodology), the anticipated place/date of the research, and a budget. The application must be completed by both the TUARC member and the graduate student, and be submitted by established deadlines. Deadlines for submission will be announced by TUARC each year.

Research expenses normally approved by SSHRC are eligible, including travel, equipment, and subsistence. A report, with receipts, must be submitted at the conclusion of the research (and before another grant may be awarded).

Research proposals will be evaluated on the basis of:

1) strength and quality of the proposal;

2) feasibility and urgency of the research;

3) financial need of collaborators;

4) nature of the collaboration;

5) likelihood the research will be completed, and that it will lead to a conference paper or publication.

Adjudication of applications are on a competitive basis by the Director of TUARC and the Director of the Graduate Program in Anthropology, or their delegates. Reporting Awards will be made to individual TUARC members (Research Fellows or Associates), and will be announced publicly. Awardees are responsible for providing a brief final report and financial accounting to the Director of TUARC.

Application forms for TUARC Collaborative Research Grants are available from the TUARC Administrative Secretary. Completed applications should be filed with the Director of TUARC.