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The Trent International offers customized assistance with finances and health insurance for current international students.

You can visit the International Student Advising page to obtain comprehensive information on immigration, employment, academics and workshops. 


Letter Request

A letter from Trent University is required in a number of different situations. An application for a letter of confirmation of enrollment is available on MyTrent under Resources/International/Undergraduate Letter Request. In general, this letter includes your full name, student number, program, start dates and anticipated graduation date. You can specify information you would like us to add to the letter on the request form.

All letters will be ready for pick up on Friday after 1:00pm in the TI office.You may pick-up the letter or have it sent as a PDF file to your myTrent inbox.

Undergraduate Transcripts are ordered from the Registrars Office. You can place a request by logging in to

myTrent and completing the 'Transcript Request' under Academic/Forms.

ESL GRADS: You will need a transcript from ESL and a Letter from TIP   If this is your First Semester: You will not yet have a transcript, but you will still need a letter. If you studied at High school, or another post-secondary institution in Canada you will need transcripts from there.       


  •  Processing times for immigration documents are long! Please ensure that you apply well before the expiry dates and/or before you leave Canada.  
  •  Application forms, processes, payments options and contacts are different for every type of application. It is important that you access the right information. Please come to the TIP office if you are unsure.
  • If your study permit has already expired, or is invalid for any reason book an appointment with TI immediately. If your Study Permit currently says ‘secondary’ you will need to change conditions right away, regardless of the expiry date


Financial Assistance

International Study Abroad Awards

Canadian and International students who are accepted into study abroad programs are eligible to apply for these specific International Study Awards (Students are also eligible to apply for any bursaries listed in the academic calendar.)

Dr. Leslie Calvert Award

Named after one of Trent's first students of German, this award is for deserving students who require financial help to participate in the Year Abroad Program in Freiburg. Applications are available from the Financial Aid office.

W.A.C.H. Dobson Memorial Student Travel Award

Named in honour of W. A.C.H. "Bill" Dobson, a renowned scholar and great friend of Trent, this award assists a Trent student studying abroad or an incoming visa student with travel costs. In recognition of Professor Dobson's exceptional interest in China and the Pacific Rim, preference is given to students travelling to study in Asia or coming to Trent from that region. Applications are available from Trent International Program.

Joe Wearing International Travel Award

Established in honour of Joseph Wearing, Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Political Studies, this travel bursary is offered to assist an international student to come to Trent University to take courses in Political Studies. It is open to visa students admitted to the University for one-year exchange and full degree programs. Applications are available from Trent International Program.

International Student Bursaries

Trent University offers annual VISA Student Bursaries. They are tenable for the second term of the academic year and students are eligible to apply again in subsequent years.

Eligibility: Open to all international students who pay visa fees, including holders of renewable International Awards, but not International Scholarship recipients or exchange students. Applicants must also have completed at least one term of Trent studies.

Criteria: Based on high academic achievement and must be able to demonstrate financial need.

Value: CDN$200 to $1,000

Applications are available in January through MyTrent Resources.

If you have any questions contact

Trent International Scholarships

for Undergraduate Continuing Students


General Definition

Continuing Undergraduate Scholarships are for international students who are continuing in an undergraduate degree program at Trent University. Only those undergraduate students who are paying full international tuition fees are eligible to apply.
Recipients of International Awards and Entrance scholarships are not eligible to apply.

These Scholarships are not renewable and require a completed application each year.


September or previous January start students: applicants will be selected based on completion of 5.0 credits during the academic year (at least 4.0 credits must have been earned during the Fall/Winter session and one credit can be earned in the Summer session directly following Fall/Winter session).  

January start students:applicants will be selected based on completion of 4.5 credits during the January and Summer sessions.

Transfer credits will not be included in calculation of obtained credits for in-course scholarship purposes.

A minimum average in the academic year of 80% is required.

Value/Quantity: varied, depending on the number of qualified applicants. Scholarships will range from $1,000 to $2,500.


Application Process

Students must submit a completed application form to the Trent International Program office by e-mail (

Application Deadline:  August 1st

Getting Results:  successful applicants will be notified by e-mail in late August

Receiving Scholarship funds:  Scholarship funds will be deposited into qualified students’ accounts by September, and  upon confirmation of full-time registration at Trent University in the academic year.

Fred Helleiner Temagami Prize

This prize covers the expenses for one International student each year to take part in the Canadian Studies Temagami Field Trip to Camp Wanapitei that takes place each fall. It is named in honour of Geography Professor Emeritus Fred Helleiner. Application not required.

TI Emergency Funding

The TI Office provides assistance for students that find themselves in financial difficulty as a result of an unexpected change of circumstances.

This funding is intended to provide temporary relief.

The application can be submitted to the TI Office. You will be required to provide a budget outline along with an explanation of your emergency situation.



UHIP Card for Health Insurance


  • Request form at MyTrent>Support>Health and Wellness>UHIP

Sun Life Policy 050150

Member ID = TU00______ enter your Trent ID number

UHIP stands for University Health Insurance Plan. It provides insurance coverage for all of your basic health and medical needs. All international students or workers and their dependents at Trent University must enroll in and purchase UHIP each year. UHIP registration is usually done in September. All UHIP participants are also encouraged to use the Trent Health Service Centre first before seeking assistance from off-campus health facilities.

Students who arrive in January are encouraged to purchase an eight-month plan. All students must re- register at the beginning of each academic year. UHIP is administered by the Trent International (TI) Office. The following are the steps to ensure your UHIP coverage:

You will be enrolled in UHIP based on your Trent University registration and receive proof of coverage to your Trent email account.

What does UHIP Cover?

For more information about UHIP coverage, please visit

In general, UHIP covers hospital services, doctors’ services, laboratory and x-ray services in Ontario only.

  • Doctor or hospital charges above the Ontario rate
  • UHIP is NOT a traveller’s insurance. If you are travelling outside of Ontario, it is recommended that you get supplemental insurance.
  • The cost for eyeglasses, frames or contacts
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental care services
  • Sports related, physiotherapy/ massage/ chiropractor
  • Immunizations
  • Third party medical examinations and tests
  • Eye examinations

UHIP Does Not Cover:

UHIP does not cover dental, prescription medication, eye examinations or glasses.  Check your Extended Benefits Plan for possible coverage of these items.

Using UHIP
Always make sure when you see a doctor or visit the hospital that you have your temporary or permanent UHIP health card as well as a UHIP claim form with you. When travelling within Ontario always be prepared for an emergency and take your UHIP card and some claims forms with you.

For more information visit the UHIP website.

Travelling?  Graduating?

Health Insurance Options for you to research

Extended Health Benefits

TCSA - Undergraduate Students

GSA - Graduate Students

TDSA - Durham Students

TCSA Health and Dental Plan

Trent Central Student Association Health Plan
TCSA Office, Champlain College First Floor, 748-1107

Please note that these health plans are only available for students registered in the fall term for the full year. They are included in the Ancillary Fees when paid for a full academic year.  The health plan covers a percentage of ambulance services, prescription drugs and other uninsured services. The dental plan covers dental services such as 80% of the cost of regular check ups and other services.

The TCSA health and dental plan is normally compulsory for full-time students, with an opportunity for opting out and applying for a refund of the fee if covered by alternate insurance. For more information on exactly what these plans do and do not cover, see the health plan pamphlet or check TCSA's website. (Some exceptions apply eg. term & ESL students)

GSA Extended Benefits Plan

Graduate Students Association Extended Benefits Plan

TGSA Office, Traill College, Wallis Hall Room 223, 748-1011 ext. 6423


Health Plan inquiries:

Graduate Students Extended Benefits

TDSA Extended Benefits Plan

Trent in Durham Students Assocation Extended Benefits

All full and part-time Trent University Durham students are levied a fee which provides them with a comprehensive health benefit plan including limited provisions for prescription drugs, dental and vision care.


Health and Wellness

What To Do If You Get Sick

Assess Your Condition

In order to have your medical condition treated appropriately, you must know the severity of your condition. You don’t want to go to the hospital for a runny nose, nor do you want to go to a walk-in clinic with a broken leg. If you are unsure of how serious your condition is, there is a 24 hour health help line available. Telehealth Ontario has a registered nurse who assesses your symptoms and will advise you whether or not your condition is serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital or if your condition can wait a few days for treatment at a walk-in clinic. The help line is a toll free number, 1-866-797-0000.

What to do if you are Sick During the Daytime

Trent Health-Care Services
Blackburn Hall (BH111), 748-1481

Services Include:

  • Allergy injections, birth control counselling, PAP smears, Pregnancy tests, morning after pill
  • Pregnancy counselling
  • First aid, dressing, surture removal
  • sports injuries referrals
  • Colds, flus, headaches
  • Quiet room for nursing care
  • immunizations, TB testing
  • Wellness counselling
  • Nutrition, weight, smoking cessation counselling
  • Sexually transmitted disease information, treatment with investigation an follow-ups
  • AIDS counselling, including non-nominal HIV testing(by appointment)
  • Referrals to dentists, psychologists, optomotrists
  • Resource Room-computer and printer, access to the internet, research on health issues and concerns

Hours of Operation
*Please call for an appointment

Take your UHIP proof of coverage and your student card. If you need to cancel your appointment, please inform the office otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee.

What to do if you are Sick in the Evenings or Weekends

Peterborough Regional Hospital

The PRHC Hospital provides emergency health care and clinic care for those that need care after office hours. The hospital operates on an emergency first basis. This results in long wait times because the patient that is most urgent is treated prior to those with less urgent matters. You are required to present your UHIP card at each visit. To get there by bus, take the #5 Charlotte West (check the bus schedule for times).

 For location click here.

What if it is a Medical Emergency?

Medical emergencies that are life threatening require immediate medical attention. You should call First Response 748-1333 and 911 or go to the hospital emergency department.

First Response (phone 748-1333) is intended to aid students on campus in case of medical emergency. Call First Response, they will arrive in less than 5 minutes 24 hours a day. They will help you until further medical services arrive.

Major Emergency:
For major emergencies such as major burns, bleeding that won’t stop, seizures etc. phone 911 for an ambulance (there is a charge for the ambulance).

Minor Emergency:
For minor emergences such as sprains, fractures, cuts, minor burns, requiring immediate medical attention, you should go to the hospital (calling for an ambulance is usually not needed).

What Should I do if I am Sick While Travelling?

Hopefully you have thought ahead and have your UHIP card and claims forms with you. Remember that UHIP covers limited emergency care at the Ontario level only. Therefore, you should purchase private travel insurance as well. for resources

Remember: Don’t leave things too long: if you are sick, seek medical advice/attention. You may be suffering with symptoms far longer than necessary. Also, your condition could become serious if left untreated.

Ask for Advice: if you are not sure if your condition is an emergency or whether or not you should go to the hospital, ask for advice from fellow students, TI, First Response or Telehealth Ontario.