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Bienvenido! Karibu! Akwaaaba! Marhaba! Selamat Datang! Namaste! Salam! Shalom! Hi!

Welcome to Trent and the Trent International Students’ Association (TISA)!

TISA is the second largest student organization at Trent after TCSA. It gives us great pleasure to have you join us on this spectacular journey! It will be an experience of a lifetime during which we will learn from, teach and learn to understand one another! Trent University gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an individual with constructive goals such as becoming a member of TISA!

The main activities organized by TISA include the TISA choir, the cultural outreach show -an evening of outstanding international performances, a weekly world affairs colloquium, an international dinner, intramural sports and many other activities, that will give you the fun of your life!


TISA Lympics ~

The first annual TISAlympics in 2005 succeeded in bringing together many people that shared a common interest through sports. The tradition continues and has been a great opportunity for students of all abilities to participate in their favourite sport or to try a new one. Teams of all nationalities are entered into events and the healthy competition sparks lasting relationships.

Cultural Outreach ~

The Trent International Students' Association presents an annual show of international cultural talents MARCH. It is a two day event that is well attended by the Trent University and the Peterborough Community.

Cultural Outreach has grown over time and has become a community favourite! Get in touch with the TISA executive to find out more about participating in this yearly event.

TISA Dinner -

A cooking feast featuring exquisite and delicious varieties of dishes from all around the world, prepared by the greatest chefs’ from our diverse Trent and Peterborough communities.

Over the years it has been a potluck and has grown into a catered dinner. A great event that brings people together by celebrating food!

World Affairs Colloquia

Renowned speakers are invited to speak on numerous societal, economic and political issues occurring in our world today. In the past, there have been talks on conflict, refugee situations, starvation, cultural diversification and their varied impacts on human welfare. All students are urged to give TISA ideas on what topics they wish to have addressed.

For more details on what is happening and how to get involved with WAC click here.


Trent International Formal End of the Year Dinner and TI Awards

The Trent International Program hosts the Formal Dinner and Awards Banquet each spring. We come together to honour the graduating class and to recognize many student accomplishments.

TI Award Nomination and Selection Process:

TI Award criteria: Hulcoop Cup- is presented to a first year student in recognition of outstanding contributions to the international life of the University.

Continuing International Student Award- is presented to a continuing international student in recognition of his/her contributions.

Trent International Staff Award- is presented to a continuing Canadian student in recognition of his/her contributions.

ESL Award- is presented to a student who has made a positive contribution to the ESL, TI, Trent, and/or the Peterborough communities.

Exchange Award- is presented to an exchange or year-abroad student who has contributed significantly to the study abroad program and international life at Trent.

Robert Campbell Friends of TIP Award- is presented to a person from the faculty or staff or Peterborough community who has enriched the experience of Trent's international students.

Karanja Njoroge Community Service Award-is presented to a student in recognition of his/her active involvement in development education both at Trent University and in the wider community.

Leonard Conolly Award- is to recognize a student’s outstanding commitment and contribution to the support of refugee students.

David Morrison Award- is presented to a graduating student in recognition of substantial involvement at Trent, in TI and genuine devotion to the ideals of internationalization.

Jack Matthews Award- is presented to a graduating student to recognize outstanding commitment and contributions to internationalization, both locally and globally.


The TI Awards are determined through a peer and community nomination process.  The Trent University community members are encouraged to put forth a nomination for someone they feel are deserving and meet the award criteria.

The nominations are considered based on the rationale provided by the person doing the nominating.  Rationale provided by the person nominating the individuals achievements and support the criteria of the related award will be considered by the nomination committee for selection.

The nomination committee is comprised of a TISA representative, TI staff members, and a Trent student at large.

Flag Celebration at Convocation

The flags representing the confirmed graduating students at convocation are displayed during the ceremony on the Champlain College exterior wall facing the Bata Library Podium (subject to availability).  Flag donations are gratefully accepted. 

Contact for more information.


Trent Community

Kawartha World Issues Center (KWIC)

The Kawartha World Issues Center is a non-profit association at Trent University, which encourages global education and provides resource materials, in order to raise awareness of global issues among individuals and groups within the Kawartha region (Peterborough and surrounding areas). We are seeking enthusiastic members, to sit on our board, be part of our initiatives, and spread consciousness among the community.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

World University Service of Canada is a long time dynamic development organization that promotes “knowledge for an equitable world”. Every year, Trent University as well as many other Canadian post-secondary institutes welcomes students from countries with serious political, economic or social instability. You can get involved with WUSC from our campus and participate in making higher education affordable to all. For further details on how to become part of our local WUSC club, please contact us at, or access the website