Future International Students



The Trent International staff

"We believe that every Trent student should have the opportunity to develop his or her sense of global citizenship by living, learning, and making lasting friendships with people from many parts of the world."

Marilyn Burns
Associate Vice-President
Marketing & Recruitment
Phone: 705-748-1011 ext. 6184
Email: mburns@trentu.ca

Michael Eamon
Acting Director, Trent International
Phone: 705-748-1280
Email: michaeleamon@trentu.ca

Daralyn Auld

Daralyn is the manager of Trent ’s international recruitment and admissions team, planning and coordinating recruitment activities and strategies around the world. She provides information to students who are thinking about coming to Trent for their university degree, and she visits potential students all over the world. She can answer questions regarding Trent’s admissions requirements, academic programming, and international community. You can reach her at (705) 748-1696 or click here to email

Elena Koudiakova

Elena’s key responsibility is to ensure that prospective and newly admitted international students are provided with all the information they need to know about Trent University and to assist students in coming to Trent. Elena is also involved in recruitment activities and travels to Russia to recruit qualified students. She is also coordinating the International Scholarship program which is designed to bring outstanding international students to Trent. You can reach Elena at (705) 748-1067 or click here to email

Cath D'Amico

Cath D'Amico manages the Trent-ESL English for University Program. In this role, Cath ensures the quality and integrity of the program, and oversees curriculum development, academic liaison across the university, professional accreditation of the program, marketing, new program developments, and leadership to program staff and faculty. You can reach her at (705) 748-1805 or click here to email

Kate Logan

Kate is the Study Abroad Advisor for the TIP office. She is responsible for our study abroad and exchange program and welcomes any inquiries concerning study abroad opportunities. Her main responsibility is to assist international and domestic students with study abroad and exchange opportunities available at Trent and around the world. Kate can be reached at (705) 748-1303 or email.


Julie Jenkins

As the Administrative Assistant, Julie arranges for the arrival of new students at TI Camp, both in warm September as well as wintery January! Once the students arrive at Trent University Julie is available to assist with health insurance, financial concerns, and support for student events throughout the year. You can reach her at (705) 748-1011 ext. 7306 or email.

Barbara Castillo-Snook

As an International Enrolment Advisor, Barbara makes sure that the admission process goes smoothly and in timely fashion. She is a great resource of country specific admission requirements as well as programs offered at Trent. Barbara is also responsible for the International Transfer Credits evaluation process.  You can reach her in the Registrar's Office, Blackburn Hall, Symons Campus and at (705) 748-1011 ext. 7140 or email.


Kelvin Chen

Kelvin is the International Enrolment Advisor at Trent-ESL and Trent Int'l office. He travels and recruits extensively throughout Asia to meet with prospective students and school counsellors. He is also coordinating the Trent-ESL program. He graduated from Trent in 2008 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a Specialization in Human Resources Management. Kelvin is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and can respond to all inquiries relating to the Trent-ESL and Undergraduate programs. You can reach him at (705) 748-1011 ext 7624 or email.




Kathleen Cobb

As the International Student Advisor, Kathleen Cobb works closely with International Students including ESL, Undergraduate and exchange students. Come see Kathleen for any issues regarding adjusting to Trent, registration and advising, and cultural transition or re-entry, or you can just stop in for a tea and chat. You can reach Kathleen at (705) 748-1300 or email.



Glenda Fish

As ESL Instructor and Curriculum Coordinator, Glenda welcomes questions about the ESL Placement Test as well as the ESL levels and courses. Because of Glenda’s twenty years’ experience teaching EAP, ESL and university preparation skills, she understands the needs of learners in both ESL and regular university studies. Glenda has worked in post-secondary settings in both Canada and New Zealand and has M.Ed. and M. Div. degrees. You can reach Glenda at 705-748-1011 ext. 7351 or  by email.


Judi Brocklehurst

As ESL Instructor and Technology Coordinator, Judi is able to combine both her passions: international students and learning through technology. A native Montrealer, Judi has also taught in the U.S., and has a B.Ed and M.A in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Along with maintaining the learning system for ESL classes, Judi works on the website for the department, and continues teaching a variety of English preparatory courses. Judi aims to ensure that the Trent international student’s experience is the best it can be.Judi can be reached at (705) 748 1011 ext. 7605 or email.

Can't find what you are looking for? Go to the TIP web site, call (705) 748-1314, email international@trentu.ca.