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International Ambassadors Program

What is the Trent International Ambassador Program?

International Ambassadors are an integral part of the orientation program for new and prospective international students. This team of dedicated and globally-minded volunteers helps answer questions about different aspects of student life at Trent through email correspondence in the summer, orientation activities during the ISW, and various promotional events throughout the year.

International Ambassadors operate on a peer-to-peer mentoring model and act as a student liaison between prospective students and Trent University. In line with TIP’s mission, the goal of this program is to welcome and support new international students in our community, and to provide opportunities of learning and personal growth to the continuing Trent students.

Ambassadors 2014

Adriana Sierra

3rd Year International Development Studies and Environmental Studies

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Hi there! My name is Adriana Sierra and I am an international student from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I will currently enter my third year here at Trent University pursuing a joint major in International Development Studies and Environmental Studies. When I first started applying to universities, I was unsure of what kind of school I wanted to attend to or of what I wanted to study, but coming to Trent proved to be the right choice for me. Peterborough and Trent have become my home away from home.

From the first day of TIP Camp to your last day of exams, there are a number of events and activities that will hopefully suit your interests and help you meet new people and enjoy your life here at Trent. In addition, Trent has a number of clubs and groups that are sure to catch your attention. I have been involved with several of the array of clubs at Trent, including TISA (Trent International Student Association), HOLA (Organization for Latin Awareness), and SAID (Student Association for International Development). The small lectures and seminars add to Trent’s appeal, as they give you the opportunity to connect with students and with your professors. To add to it all, Trent’s campus is filled with amazing sights and welcoming people. I truly hope you enjoy your time at Trent as much as I have!

As a student ambassador, I am here to help you with the transition into university life and to answer any questions you may have regarding Peterborough, classes, and residence life (or any other concerns you may have, like the weather), so don’t hesitate to ask!

(P.S. You can write to me in Spanish as well.)

Feel free to contact me at I look forward to meeting you!


Airin Aguilera

Graduate, International Development Studies and Political Studies

Caracas, Venezuela

Hi there! My name is Airin Aguilera and I am an International Student from Caracas, Venezuela. I am currently in my fourth year studying Political Science and International Development Studies here at Trent University. And Trent has become my home away from home. Just the campus alone is beautiful and the people that make up the Trent community are incredibly friendly and welcoming!

Trent truly gives you many options and opportunities to get involved to make the transition to a new country easier. From the beginning until the last day of exams there are always different events and activities that you can do to both meet great people and enjoy your university experience. In my case, I'm an active member of three student groups: TISA which is the Trent International Students’ Association, HOLA which is the Organization for Latin Awareness and WUSC, World University Services Canada. And this is just a glimpse of the many things that Trent offers which makes it so unique!


Being part of the International Ambassador Team means that I am here to help ease the process of coming to Trent by answering questions that you might have, whether they are about Residence life, the city of Peterborough, weather or even how classes are. So please don't hesitate to ask anything you want! Feel free to email me at Hope that you join us next year!


Hola! Mi nombre es Airin Aguilera y soy una estudiante internacional de Caracas, Venezuela. Ahorita estoy en mi cuarto año estudiando Ciencias Políticas y Desarrollo Internacional aquí en Trent University. Trent de verdad se ha convertido en mi segundo hogar. El campus es espectacular y la gente en la comunidad de Trent me ha recibido con los brazos abiertos.

Trent da muchísimas oportunidades para involucrarse con la comunidad para convertirte en un miembro activo y facilitar la transición a un nuevo país! A partir del primer día de clases, hasta el último día de exámenes, siempre hay eventos y actividades que atender en donde puedes conocer a nuevas personas y aprovechar tu experiencia universitaria al máximo. En mi caso, soy parte de tres grupos estudiantiles: TISA, que es la Asociación de Estudiantes Internacionales en Trent; HOLA, que es la Asociación de Conciencia Latino Americana y WUSC, Servicio Universitario Canadiense del Mundo. Y estas tres asociaciones son solo una muestra de las muchas cosas que Trent ofrece que hacen a esta universidad única!

Ser parte del programa de Embajadores Internacionales significa que estoy aquí para ayudarte a simplificar tu proceso de venir a Trent University respondiendo cualquier pregunta o duda que tengas acerca del proceso. Desde dudas acerca de las residencias, a la vida en el pueblo de Peterborough, el clima o las clases. Si tienes alguna pregunta o duda, no dudes en contactarme a

Espero verte el año que viene!


Anna (Anya) Nikolaeva

4th Year Forensic Science and Politics


Hey! I’m Anna (Anya) Nikolaeva, a 4th year student from Russia. Before coming to Trent, I studied an IB programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina for two years. When the time to choose a university came, I applied to numerous ones in North America. In the end, I selected Trent and never regretted it.

Why? Trent gives you a chance to combine “uncombinable” things and makes sure you love what you study. I chose Trent thinking that I will be pursuing my degree in Politics only. When I came here, I realized that Trent gives you some time to adjust to your new surroundings, try different majors you might be interested in, talk to professors and upper year students and then decide on what you really want to study.  That is what I did and this year I am graduating with a joint major in Forensic Science and Politics.

Why else? Trent makes sure you are not lost once you get here. Moving to another country is a huge step physically, emotionally and financially.  Luckily, supportive staff and peers help you sort of your courses and visa questions, choose a residence, get involved with numerous clubs and events on campus and in Peterborough city.  The best lesson I learned at Trent is: do not be afraid of speaking other languages or choosing new activities, sports or courses. Try to be involved with new things and do not be afraid to ask for help whenever you need.


Best of luck! I look forward to hearing from you! Email me at



Привет! Меня зовут Аня Николаева, я студентка четвертого курса из России. До приезда в Трент я училась по программе IB (Международный Бакалавр) в Боснии и Герцеговине. По окончании программы я подала документы в разные университеты в Северной Америке. В итоге, в решила, что поеду в Трент. Я ни разу об этом не пожалела.


Почему? Трент дает Вам возможность совместить несовместимые” (на первый взгляд!) вещи таким образом, что Вам обязательно понравится Ваше образование.  Я выбрала Трент, думая, что буду изучать Политологию. По приезде в Канаду я узнала, что Трент делает из Вас своего рода первооткрывателя”: в нашем университете приветствуются ребята, которые в начале года пробуют разные предметы и направления, не стесняются общаться с преподавателями и студентами старших курсов и только потом определяют для себя, что им действительно интересно изучать. Так я и сделала! В этом году я заканчиваю совмещенное направление Криминалистики и Политологии.

Почему же еще я выбрала Трент? В Тренте невозможно потеряться. Само собой, переехать в другую страну – это серьезное решениефизическом, эмоциональном и финансовом плане). Однако, студенты и состав Трента помогут вам разобраться с выбором курсов и визовыми вопросами, посоветуют с выбором общежития, расскажут о многочисленных клубах/кружках и мероприятиях в университете и в городе Питерборо в целом. В Тренте я усвоила главный урок: не нужно стесняться говорить на неродномязыке, пробовать новый вид спорта, новый для Вас вид общественной деятельности или непривычные классы. Старайтесь испробовать себя во всем новом и смело задавайте вопросы - мы обязательно Вам поможем.   


Удачи! Со всеми вопросами обращайтесь по электронной почте:


Anthony Ikpea

4th Year Business Administration & Economics

Lagos, Nigeria

My name is Anthony Ikpea and I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I am an International Ambassador here at Trent.   I am currently in my fourth year in the Business and Economics Joint-Major program offered at Trent.  As an international student, I was clueless on how things worked here in Canada, so I panicked when it came down to picking the right school. But eventually I applied to Trent, amongst a list of other universities and accepted the offer with no hesitations.  I cane to Trent in September 2011, after graduating from Columbia International College. 

My two years here so far has been incredible, I have been given the opportunity to take part and volunteer in many educational/social activities, and I have been able to develop both my social and interpersonal skills.

Trent’s small community is something that stands out, it’s cool atmosphere coupled with its warm hearted people will surely make you feel at home

Please feel free to email me at


Cornel Grey

4th Year English Literature and Sociology

Kingston, Jamaica

Hello, friends! My name is Cornel Grey and I am an international student from Kingston, Jamaica. I am currently in my fourth year at Trent pursuing a joint-major in English Literature and Sociology. Trent has become a home to me over the past couple of years, and that is in large part to the supportive community that is so unique to Trent’s culture. I knew from the very beginning that Trent was the perfect fit for me and I have no regrets whatsoever about choosing this institution as the place at which I conduct my post-secondary studies.

There are endless ways for students to get involved at Trent and for me that started with my college community. In my first year, I was a college volunteer and I loved it so much that I decided to get involved with my College Cabinet and serve as an Introductory Seminary Week leader and have maintained those positions since then. There are also opportunities to get involved off-campus as well. You have the chance to work with any number of local community organizations.

As a member of the International Ambassador team, I want to make your transition easier so feel free to ask about anything that you might be a little unsure of. We are here to help! Email me at


Jiesi Cui (Jessie)

4th year Business Administration

Beijing, China

Hello everyone! My name is Jiesi and I am from Beijing, China. I am currently a fourth year student major in Business administration at Trent University. I am glad and proud to be selected as a member of International Ambassador Program. After two years of studying, Trent feels like a home for me. I, as an International Ambassador, would like to help everyone with questions about academic issues, extracurricular activities and student life at Trent and Peterborough.

The international Ambassador Program at Trent plays an important role for new International students to provide useful information and reliable resources. Our goal is to use our past experiences to help new students to adjust in the new environment as soon as possible. I hope that every new international student will have a smooth transition and explore new life and dream at Trent University.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


大家好!我的名字叫崔捷思,我来自中国北京. 我现在是特伦特大学工商管理专业大三学生. 我非常荣幸和骄傲我可以被选作国际学生大使项目的一员. 在经过两年的学习之后,特伦特大学对我来说更像一个家. 我作为一个国际学生大使,希望可以帮助每一个同学关于学业,



了解更多有用的和可靠的信息. 我们的目的是用我的过去的经历去帮助更多新生来更好更快的适应新环境. 我希望每个新的国际学生有一个顺利的过渡和探索在特伦特大学新的生活.


希望我的意见和建议能给大家在Trent University 带来帮助.


Kristina Dergacheva

3rd Year Political Studies and Economics


Hello! My name is Kristina Dergacheva and I am from Russia. I am in my 3d year of studies at Trent. Before coming here I studied in Language Academy in Toronto for one month, then I applied to several universities in North America. In the end, I selected Trent. It was the right choice.

When I came to Trent, I was not sure about my future degree. I did not even know that I can be a joint-major. Thankfully, friendly and helpful staff from TIP office explained to me how the system works. In my first year at Trent I registered for several different courses, so I can choose the right program for me. After some time I realized that I love politics and economics, so I chose a joint- major. I also got involved with different societies related to my major. I enjoy my university life. Trent gives me an amazing chance to have a degree in two spheres.

Trent will help you to find and open your personality with wonderful courses and different activities. You can get involved in school live very quickly. All students are very nice and we are glad to help you. We know that sometimes it can be hard to be away from home, so we will help you feel at home! Also, there are several clubs at Trent that would be glad to have you as their member. I am a president of Trent University Russian Speaking Association, and we would be happy to help you. If you are very active, you can always create your own club, it is fun!

Trent is a great choice for you if you want good education, if you want to become socio active person, and also Trent is a great choice if you an international student. Trent is one big family!

Email me at


Mauricio Interiano

3rd Year International Development Studies and Sociology

Copan, Honduras

Hi there! My name is Mauricio Interiano and I am from Honduras. This is my 5th year in Canada, but my 3rd year at Trent University. My plan was to stay in Canada just for two years and finish the IB program, however I fell in love with the country and decided to pursue my degree in International Development Studies and Sociology in, what I think, is one of the best Universities in Canada: Trent.

Choosing a University can be a hard decision and there are a lot of things to take into consideration when making such an important choice. In my case I chose Trent mainly because of its programs, the international students, and the sense of community that it has due to the size of the university. Trent has the beauty of having small lectures and seminars that allow you to have a better relationship with your classmates and professors. Trent also offers many opportunities for involvement, no matter what your interests may be. Since my first year I have been involved in many clubs and groups, which have also helped me build an identity. One of the most rewarding things that I have done here is taking part of the Trent International Student Association (TISA). TISA is an association that aims to bring both international and domestic students to interact with each other and at the same time bring support to the international students. There are many different clubs ranging from cultural, to charity, to athletics and anything in between.

I wish you the best in this process, and I am here to answer any inquiry or if you just want to chat about Trent. Don’t hesitate to contact me:


Sharelight (Sky) Mujuru

4th Year Bachelor of Business Administration


Hello There!!

My name is Sharelight Mujuru, most people call me SKY. I come from Zimbabwe and currently enrolled in Trent University’s business program. I am in my fourth year.

For my extra-curricular activities, I play basketball socially and enjoy networking with different people. In addition to that, I am part of the Trent African Caribbean Students Union (TACSU) and also get involved in some activities by other groups like the South Asians’ Association Trent (SAAT). I have also been involved with UNICEF at the university.

My 3 years not only in Trent but as part of the Peterborough community have been awesome. Trent has allowed me to network comfortably with many people of different cultures and backgrounds. The beauty of learning about other cultures has not only come as a blessing but also with respect for everyone that surrounds me.

Why am I here? - to be there for you at all times

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at


Roger Wen

 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration

(Beijing, China)


Trent was the very first university to reply with an acceptance one week after sending out the applications. I had never visited Peterborough or Trent prior to the application. I guess my gut feeling just told me that this was it. And from day one moving into residence in Champlain, boy I just knew that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!

One word to describe Trent? I’d say “community”. Being a unique small university provides a lot of chance for interaction between people. Smaller class sizes gave me a lot of opportunities to connect with my professors, and I benefited a lot from it. With the vast international student population, the Trent International Program helped in organizing events to allow us all to interact with each other, have fun and make friends with people from all over the world. With all the events happening year round, we got to share our different cultures to the community, truly giving me a chance to “travel around the world” just in one place! You will never be along in this community. We learn, we grow, and we have fun together.

4 years at Trent passed by too quickly. It was a second home to me. It helped shape me into the better person I am today – knowledge wise and person wise. So if I was given another chance to write down my desired universities to attend after high school, Trent is no doubt going to be number one on the list. And trust me, you won’t regret it!