State-Of-The-Art Laboratories

Fifteen-thousand square feet of laboratory space is spread over four distinct laboratory groups, each examining a particular consideration of biomaterials. This design, combined with Trent's remarkable facilities and equipment, positions the TCBR as a world-leader in the development and study of vegetable-oil based biomaterials.

  1. Seed Modification Laboratories and Greenhouses provide high-throughput routine extraction and purification of trace-seed metabolites, including plant growth regulators. The Natural Resources DNA Profiling and Forensics Centre provides high throughput of gene expression analysis, the Aurora Greenhouse is a research-grade facility that can artificially reproduce any plant growth climate.
  2. Chemical Conversion and Materials Science equipment provides second-to-none chemical modification, separation, and identification, along with a complete range of chemical and physical characterization of materials. TCBR facilities provide the ability to evaluate structure at length scales ranging from the molecular to the macroscale.
    See: Trent Biomaterials Research Laboratory
  3. Fate Analysis and Environmental Chambers in the Trent University Water Quality Centre and the Trent Microenvironment Laboratory allow the evaluation of materials under controlled atmosphere, soil and water environments. Analytical equipment allows measurement of chemical fragments from biodegradation and the complexation potential of products with heavy metals under changing environmental conditions.
  4. Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing in the Applied Geomatics, Remote Sensing and Land Resources Laboratory and the Centre for Earth Observations and Geospatial Analysis (CEOSGA) provide instrumentation for satellite detection, geospatial analysis and mapping of land cover and biomass, mapping of vegetative sources and computer modeling of plant growth, yields and vegetative sources of biomaterials and monitoring of landscape and local-scale changes of biomass over time.