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Students of Aboriginal Origin

Enriching Our Spirits and Advancing Knowledge

Trent University's Indigenous Studies Department offers several services for Aboriginal students at the university.  As an Aboriginal student, you'll feel welcome and at home at Trent - and you'll benefit from the services of:

  • an Aboriginal counsellor.
  • a Cultural Advisor.
  • an Academic Advisor.
  • an Academic Programs Co-ordinator.
  • scholarships for Indigenous students.
  • bursaries and more.

The Trent University Native Association (TUNA) provides a place to meet other students, socialize, play sports, and take part in various social events.  The First Peoples House of Learning offers social gatherings and a variety of other activities, helping to connect you with the members of the local Aboriginal communities.

Here you can succeed at your studies and realize your dreams.

Student Services
Nozhem - First Peoples Performance Space
First Peoples House of Learning

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