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Connect With The Best Minds Of Our Generation

Trent faculty consistently identify Trent as a place where they can pursue their research interests and put an equal emphasis on the joy of teaching.  That means, as a student here, you'll have the opportunity to connect with top experts in your field of study.

  • Seven out of ten first-year classes are taught by tenured faculty.
  • 85% of first-and-second-year classes have fewer than 60 students.
  • 95% of third-and-fourth-year classes have fewer than 60 students.
  • Trent's largest lecture hall holds 380 students, so lectures take on a new dimension from high school, but at this size you can still see your professor and ask questions too.
  • Trent places second among Canadian undergraduate universities for the number of 3M teach award-winners per capita, the highest honour for university teaching.

Trent Faculty
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