Trent University offers an extensive waste diversion program. 

Reducing the amount of waste that we generate and diverting waste that we do generate from landfill is very important to us.  After you've maximized your reuse options, you can recycle and compost the following at Trent:


Trent University has a number of ways that students, staff and faculty recycle.  Similar to the Blue Box program you use at home, we have our basic recycling system.  It is extremely important that each type of recycling gets into the correct bin.  Unlike residential collection, we have separate trucks collecting each category of recyclable material.  In Trent's recycling program we accept the following:

Paper Products:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • office paper
  • fax paper
  • note paper
  • envelopes
  • junk mail
  • coffee cups (no lids)
  • corrugated cardboard
  • boxboard such as cereal boxes, facial tissue boxes, cracker boxes and laundry soap boxes


  • all plastic pop, water & juice bottles
  • plastic yogurt, margarine & ice cream containers
  • shampoo, detergent & soap bottles
  • aluminum cans & foil
  • all metal food containers
  • cartons from milk, juice & drink boxes
  • food & beverage glass (this means that you must have purchased a type of food or beverage in this glass)

In an effort to provide as many options for diverting waste from landfill as we can, there are programs for specific areas on campus as well as programs for items that require special collections for recycling.  These include:


At Trent, we do our own composting!  Composting is a great way to reduce our waste and keep valuable resources from going to landfill.  Physical Resources staff set up a great composting system here on campus and we want to make the most of it.  Starting off with composting in the kitchen areas and cafeterias, this program has now expanded to include all residences and all public areas.  Keep in mind that our compost program is likely a little different than the one in your hometown!

In our compost program we accept:

  • bread & baked goods
  • coffee grounds & filters
  • compostable take-out containers
  • fried foods
  • fruit & vegetable scraps
  • meat & cheese
  • paper towels
  • paper napkins
  • paper plates
  • paper sandwich wrap
  • tea bags
  • waxed paper

Composting in the dining halls/areas

Chartwells staff compost in the kitchens on campus.  The Seasoned Spoon, Ceilie and Planet North also compost.  There are compost containers located in each dining hall/area for students to use when eating meals on campus.  Please be sure to ask for a reusable plate in the cafeterias to reduce the waste from your meals even further.

Composting in residence

If you live on campus, there is composting in your College.  Be sure that you only use these receptacles for regular daily use.  If you are cleaning out your fridge, please be considerate of those around you and take this material directly to the outdoor Resource Recovery Station by your college.

Download Trent's most recent Waste Composition Report , March 2016

for older reports, please contact sustainability@trentu.ca