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Energy Use and Conservation at Trent

There are many factors contributing to our energy use on campus from our computers to heating our water, preparing food to lighting our buildings. Some factors relate to the Trent communitys' habits and how we all choose to use energy and some factors relate to the efficiency of our facilities. 

Trent Facilities Management is currently undertaking large-scale, $15million energy conservation project. The resulting annual GHG (greenhouse gas) reduction is expected to be more than 2500 tonnes     eCO2.  We are installing high-efficiency boilers, installing LED lighting, improving building envelope, using high-tech sensors to determine building ventilation needs and more.

Green Energy Act Reporting:

Trent is required under the Green Energy Act (397/11) to report our annual energy use and to complete a 5-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan.

The Sustainability Office is currently updating our more detailed data set for natural gas use and electricity use.  We anticipate sharing this data in the fall of 2017.  Please check back or contact