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Green Roofs

Trent is well known for our productive green roof where students grow food that is then cooked and served in the Seasoned Spoon Café on campus.  What is less well known is that this in not our only green roof!  Between the two green roofs on the Environmental Science Complex, the series of green roofs on the Chemical Science Building and the green roofs on Peter Gzowski College, Trent has about 3500m2 of green roof space on campus.

Chemical Science Building
The Chemical Science Building opened in 2004. There are a series of roof top gardens that largely go unnoticed as they appear to be at ground level. Walking from the Faryon Bridge to Peter Gzowski College or even Otonabee College, staff and students walk past these green roofs every day, many thinking that they are standard grasses and gardens. These roofs are called ‘extensive green roofs’ which means that they typically have low growing, low maintenance, and drought resistant ground covers. If they have been recently mowed, you can smell the thyme!

Peter Gzowski College

Also built in 2004, this college has extensive green roofs.  These green roofs are beside the walkways and at first glance would look like a typical lawn; however they are on top of the first floor of the building.

Environmental Science Complex
The Environmental Science Complex was built in 1989. This building has two green roofs. One is also an extensive roof however is more like a meadow and has no public access. The other green roof on this building is ‘semi-intensive’. Intensive green roofs require a high level of maintenance. This section is used to grow vegetables and herbs that are harvested and used in food production in the Seasoned Spoon Café. This roof was originally used for research on the effects of ground level ozone on crops and has continued to be an icon on Trent’s Symons campus.

During the summer of 2009 this roof was underwent an extensive reconstruction and is now back up and growing veggies once again!