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Deep Diversion at Trent

We take waste reduction and diversion pretty seriously at Trent.  Having reached 80% waste diversion in our most recent audit, we are now looking for more ways to reduce waste and looking into more opportunities to divert waste.  We have installed two stations that allow the Trent Community to recycle more than what is collected in our standard system.  These stations are in Otonabee College, main foyer and in the new Student Centre.

Deep Diversion Stations:

  • coffee pods
  • pens and markers
  • small electronics (keyboards or smaller -anything larger, contact
  • film plastics
  • wrappers - including and similar to chip bags and chocolate bar wrappers
  • batteries
  • printer cartridges

There are also several other stations across campus that have an extra bin for printer cartridges and batteries. These can be found at:

  • Bata Library, beside main entrance
  • Blackburn Hall, behind Facilities Management
  • Champlain College, in mail room
  • DNA-B, in main foyer
  • Gzowsik 3rd floor across from elevator
  • Life and Health Sciences upstairs by photocopier
  • LEC, near mail area
  • Environmental Science Building, first floor in main stair case
  • Otonabee College, near mail slots

Our printer cartridge recycling is facilitated on campus by Community Living's blueboxing@trent volunteer program. Volunteers collect printer cartridges from across campus, pack them up and ship them to a processing facility.  Each printer cartridge that is recycled generates a small donation to help support this important campus program.