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Reducing Waste at Trent

There are a number of ways to reduce the waste that you might have otherwise generated on campus. Waste reduction should always be considered first, then reuse and then recycling.


Trent Food Services has a great reusable take-out container program on campus. For $5 anyone can buy into the program. You will be served your meal in a reusable take-out container.  When you return the container (dirty), you will be given a card that you can then exchange for a fresh container next time you need to take your meal to go.  In conjunction with this program, a $1 surcharge was set on single-use take-out containers.  The result was a 90% decrease in disposable take-out containers!  Go Trent!

Electric City Mugs

People often tell us that they would love to use a reusable mug but they just can't seem to remember it!  Similar to the ecoTray program the Trent Community can buy into the Electric City Mug Program for $5.  Bring the mug back dirty, get a clean one, fill it up and bing, bam, boom - no waste!


If you prefer to have your own mug you can choose to "lug-a-mug" giving you access to discounts and reward programs at the various coffee vendors on campus.

Green Dishes Program

The Trent Community can (should!) always choose a reusable service when ordering catering on campus.  Trent Food Services also offers the Green Dishes Program where you can rent place settings for large or small groups for a very modest fee.  Pick the dishes up clean, drop them off dirty - easy, peasy!  OPRIG also offers a dish rental program - no matter what you needs are we should have you covered!