TUEFRT is a volunteer organization which runs 24/7 during the academic year to provide first response to any medical situation on Symons Campus. Our personnel are trained First Responder to the standards of Red Cross and will respond to any medical emergency no matter the severity. We are not a replacement for EMS but we do provide a response time which currently averages at 3 minutes.

Students, fill-out an application to apply to be part of TUEFRT in January of 2009.  We are holding try-outs the evening of the 16th of January, 2009 , outside of the Wenjack Theatre, and both January 17th and 18th all day (location to be announced). 

Potential Responders must be available for all parts of the try-out process.

Contact Information:
Non-Emergency 705-748-1660
E-mail tuefrt@trentu.camailto:tuefrt@trentu.cashapeimage_8_link_0